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Somalia: what kind of problems is the national football squad facing?

Mogadishu Friday 26 Sep 2009 SMC

The Somali football team players are warming themselves up at the open grounds of the Somali police force academy, preparing for [CECAFA senior Challenge Cup] which will be held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi in the coming couple of days.

It was one early morning when staff from have visited at the grounds were the Somali national team is having its training, and the by the time we have reached at the grounds the players have not yet occupied in fields, but putting up their training tracksuits, the day we have visited the players were excising their 12th day, in fact the grounds were not places which are convenient for national players of country, the grounds themselves were fully hills and slopes more worse there were sharp objects on the grounds such as rust can, which can harm if a player accidentally falls on the ground, the players were having strong and steady trainings, which seems that they could no bear, the training teachers seem not even to the standard required, because the veterans from who have visited were not absolutely pleased wit the trainers, the training they have been undergoing seem to be that of an Athlete, who is to joint sprint not a football player, eventually the players have accomplished their hard routine day training, and having fatigues on their bodies they weakly rushed to reach for their ordinary clothes, and to go to their residential areas.           

In order to have more information about the real life standard of the Somali national football squad, we had interviews with some of the players. 

“As you have been witnessing we have been under going hard trainings, we leave our houses in daybreak, and we leave this ugly grounds when we are feeling tired, thirsty and hunger, and during the training period we are given nothing at all, let it be even soaps to clean with the sweats of the training, and if at all you sustain injury during the training you will be given no health care not even bus fare” said one of the Somali national football player who does want his name to be raveled speaking to          

Some of the players are also complaining that some their colleagues have no qualified talents to participate national games, but are been godfathered by some big fish in the Somali football administration  

“We have several times seen that there are some players, who have not undergone the hard training, and when the arrival day comes they are the first ones their names to be announced to departure while some of the boys who have undergone the hard training are left behind, and this will leave them haunting feelings, which may eventually force them to beg their fellow Somalis in the country” said a famous Somali national football squad who does wish his name to be disclosed.

On the other hand this famous football player has added that, leaving behind some of the best players is one of the key reasons why the Somali national football team is beaten in all most all the matches they play.  

“We know that FIFA is putting extra economics on the excellent care of the Somali national football team, and it gives great consideration and development of the Somalia football squad, and the Somali football federation does not give us the rights we deserve, leave of good care or other facilities we are not given bus fare, we have the right to have our training in countries like Kenya or Djibouti, since our country is in turmoil, in fact we are very sorry to have our trainings in  at [Somali Police Academy Grounds] which is not convenient place for a national team of any country in the world perform its training” these words were jointly said by three of the Somali national football team players who do not want their names to be disclosed.         

So hence what the staffs of have seen on the grounds of Somali Police Academy, where the Somali national team were having their trainings were astonishing, and will shock any Somali person who has the real Somalisim in his heart.

The question which is needed to be asked among the Somali people is where does this Somali football federation really take the donation of FIFA to the Somalia football players?, and for the past 4 years there were no Champions Cup which were held in the country, to invest the donations from FIFA.  

Mohammed Omar Hussein+2521-5519235

Somaliweyn Media Center “SMC”

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