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Somalia: National Burial Service for ex- Somali Heroes

Mogadishu Saturday 12 Sep 2009 SMC

A national burial service of 12 ex-Somali heroes attended by the top Somali government officials has on Saturday taken place at the Somali police training school. The lives of these former veteran Somali military were claimed by series of mortars which have landed inside Martini hospital in Mogadishu, while they were taking ablution and preparing themselves to break their fast.

The majority of the inhabitants in Mogadishu have turned out at the burial grounds where the burial ceremony was taking place in order to pay their last respect to their heroes.     

Some of the top government officials who have attended at the burial ceremony were the commander of yhe Somali national army General Dhumal, the chief commander of the Somali police General Abdi Hassan Awale Qaybdid, the Provincial commissioner of Banadir region Mr. Mohammed Osman Ali (Dhagahtur) and several others.  

Both commanders of the Somali national armed forces and the commander of the Somali police have conveyed their condolences via the media to the entire Somalis for their deceased heroes and prayed for them to rest eternal peace.

“These heroes have fought for their people, and are in a golden part in the Somali history, time will tell about them, they have been sleepless night in the frontlines when most of us were in soundless sleep, they have sacrificed their lives for the protection of their people, they were real patriots, they did not worth to be attacked with mortars” said both the commanders.   

“instead of firing mortars of which you have no experience, and shortening the lives of innocent people who are preparing to break their fast you very well know, where the bases of the Somali government are why don’t you attack us, and you see how it tests” said General Dhumal the Somali military commander. 

The two commanders have also added that gun barrel will not be the ultimate solution for Somalia, and urged the opponent parts to come to the negotiation table.

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