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Somalia:  “We shall move a head” AU Spokesman 

Mogadishu Saturday 09 October 2010 SMC

Somaliweyn- Mohammed Omar Hussein

The spokesman of the African Union troops in Somalia Major Barigiye Bahouku says that the AU troops on the ground will soon take control of Mogadishu and gradually in the regions and the districts in Somalia where the rival Islamists are currently in control of.

“In the month of Ramadan when every health and sane Muslim was fasting the so called Al-qaida linked Al-Shababs in Somalia and their ally Hizbul Islam have jointly carried out several attempts which they wanted to seize several key positions in Mogadishu including the State House where we have a company of our men, but all their so called attempts ended up in loss” says Major Barigiye Bahouku the spokesman of the African Union troops in Somalia.

The rival Islamists factions have been in the last couple of weeks launching frequent attacks in the Somali government controlled areas, but have gained them nothing other losing some positions which they had been in control of as the Bahouku has added.

“During the last three weeks the terrorists groups in Somalia have been attacking in the areas were the Somali government controls, but these attacks of their has made our troops to advance interior to places where they have been previously controlling to specify we have gained 9 new positions in new places, and according to our new mandate we shall moving to further places where they (the Islamists) are now administering” added major Barigiye Bahouku.

Major Barigiye has put the responsibility of the dying ordinary civilians upon the Islamists whom he said are indiscriminately firing at every angle.

“We are qualified Military Personnel and during our training time we have been by our instructors how to fight in the urban and rural areas, and we do clearly understand what we are doing when it comes to fighting in a city like Mogadishu, unlike our rivals who have just taking weapons without taking any sort of training, all in all we know what we are doing and we do give the first priority to the safety of the ordinary civilians” Bahouku.

So far Uganda and Burundi are the only African troops who are battling with the Al-Shabab which is Al-Qaida proxy in Somalia and Hizbul Islam.  

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خلاف جديد بين رئيس الوزراء الصومالى ورئيس شيخ شريف.
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حركة شباب المجاهدين تعتقل سيدات البائعات للقات  .
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حركة الشباب تتقدم الى الامام فى حربها ضد الحكومة الصومالية
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رئيس أرض الصومال يجتمع مع الاحزاب المعارضة
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Young women die on deadly college run (Read more) 31-Aug-2010

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قوات حفظ السلام ستنسحب من الصومال اذا تمكنت الحكومة الصومالية سيطرتها على البلاد كله.
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الحكومة الاوغندية تنتظر دعما من الولايات المتحدة لارسال قوات اضافية الى الصومال.
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Hitler was related to Somalis, Berbers and Jews (Read more) 28-Aug-2010

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القوات الاثيوبية تصل الى الصومال مرة اخرى. 
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Somali Police put on show Al-Shabab man (Read more) 26-Aug-2010

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Sharmarke Administration’s Effort (Read more) 26-Aug-2010

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ICRC Assists IDPs in Central Somalia (Read more) 26-Aug-2010

China backs fight against Somali piracy in light of international law  (Read more) 26-Aug-2010

MPs held press conference in Nairobi Kenya after colleagues died in attack (Read more) 26-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 26 أغسطس 2010 

المجتمع الدولى يدين هجوم حركة الشباب فى الفندق فى مقديشو
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Somali Parliament honours MPs killed in Al Shabab attack (Read more) 25-Aug-2010

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المعارك ما تزال مستمرة فى مقديشوا.
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President Sharif Visited Muna Hotel the Site of Today’s Terror Attack (Read more) 24-Aug-2010

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A stray bullet kills a radio director in Mogadishu (Read more) 24-Aug-2010

14 lawmakers killed in Mogadishu suicide hotel attack (Read more) 24-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 24 أغسطس 2010 

معارك عنيفة تشهدها مدينة مقديشو.
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مسلحون يدخلون فندق منى القريب من القصر الرئاسى
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Fierce fire at a Refugees’ camp in North Eastern Kenya (Read more) 23-Aug-2010

Alshabab Imam who died in yesterday’s car bomb identified (Read more) 23-Aug-2010

Somalia humanitarian crisis eases: UN (Read more) 23-Aug-2010

Great Somali vocalist warmly received in Kampala (Read more) 23-Aug-2010

Somalia thanks Uganda for peace effort (Read more) 23-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 23 أغسطس 2010 

مهاجرين صوماليين تحتجز سلطات "أرض الصومال"
(Read more) 23-Aug-2010

الجبهات الاوغندية تهاجم قرى سودانية والقرويون يقاومون.
(Read more) 23-Aug-2010

Today's News 22 August-2010
Chief of Puntland armed forces resigns (Read more) 22-Aug-2010

Two IDPs women raped and killed in central Somalia (Read more) 22-Aug-2010

A Somali owned ship capsizes off the Yemeni coast (Read more) 22-Aug-2010

Government imposes new rules on private airplanes (Read more) 22-Aug-2010

World Somali pirates demand $ 4 mln ransom for captured Egyptian ship (Read more) 22-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 22 أغسطس 2010 

انفجار لغم أرضى فى مقديشو.
(Read more) 22-Aug-2010

الحكومة الكينية تعيد فتح مخيما للنازحين
(Read more) 22-Aug-2010

.الحكومة الصومالية تقول أن تقول أن احد عشر اجنبيا لقوا حتفهم
(Read more) 22-Aug-2010

Today's News 21 August-2010
Press Release: Failed Al Shabaab attack proves Ramadan terror threat (Read more) 21-Aug-2010

A man planting bomb over a flyover bridge in Mogadishu dies (Read more) 21-Aug-2010

Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin 13 Aug-20 Aug (Read more) 21-Aug-2010

Consultation Draft Constitution of Somalia printed for Parliament (Read more) 21-Aug-2010

Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit Somalia Information for Better Livelihoods (Read more) 21-Aug-2010

Somali President meets Yemeni diplomat (Read more) 21-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 21 أغسطس 2010 

حركة الشباب تحرق حبوبا من قيل المنظمة الاغذية العالمية
(Read more) 21-Aug-2010

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Islamists in Somalia edgy over the control of a district (Read more) 19-Aug-2010

Puntland provincial commissioners ordered "NO" going out of assigned provinces (Read more) 19-Aug-2010

More troops needed for Somalia mission (Read more) 19-Aug-2010

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Message from the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia on the occasion of WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY, 19 August 2010 (Read more) 19-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 19 أغسطس 2010 

تحتفل الامم المتحدة اليوم العالمى الانسانى 
(Read more) 19-Aug-2010

Today's News 18 August-2010

Six Somalis among 32 charged over Kampala bombings (Read more) 18-Aug-2010

Horeseed Media Director detained for terrorism act says Minister (Read more) 18-Aug-2010

Somalia's al Shabaab increases Kenya border raids (Read more) 18-Aug-2010

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اشتباكات بين الحكومة الصومالية والمعارضة فى مقديشوا العاصمة
(Read more) 18-Aug-2010

الحكومة الاثيوبية تغلق سفارتها بالعاصمة السويدية.
(Read more) 18-Aug-2010

News From Somalia
Today's News 17 August-2010
President Alin of Gal-Mudug state in Somaliland state (Read more) 17-Aug-2010

Press release From Ministry of Information of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) (Read more) 17-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 17 أغسطس 2010 

رئيس الوزراء الصومالى يعود الى العاصمة مقديشوا.
(Read more) 17-Aug-2010

كيف يكون ص يامك مقبول ا عند الله
(Read more) 17-Aug-2010

Today's News 16 August-2010
South Africa to deploy troops to Somalia (Read more) 16-Aug-2010

Somalia is a Little Paradise on Worldly Hell in the 21st Century! (Read more) 16-Aug-2010

Puntland Bans Media from Covering Rebels (Read more) 16-Aug-2010

Professor Abdi Samatar is Anti - Somaliland Teethless Warlord (Read more) 16-Aug-2010

Today's News 15 August-2010
Father Mohammed Abdikadir Mohamed died in Mogadishu (Read more) 15-Aug-2010

Mutinous faction commander says no compromise with Puntland authority (Read more) 15-Aug-2010

The Cure Of the corruption In Somaliland:Corruption ought not to be an inevitable product of democracy (Read more) 15-Aug-2010

UN official says "critical gaps" exist in assistance to Somalia (Read more) 15-Aug-2010

Today's News 14 August-2010
Tension high at Bula-Hawo district in Gedo region (Read more) 14-Aug-2010

Radio director sentenced 6 years in jail (Read more) 14-Aug-2010

Puntland authority harass journalists in Bossaso town (Read more) 14-Aug-2010

Can Somaliland become an independent state? (Read more) 14-Aug-2010

Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin 6 August-13 Aug (Read more) 14-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 14 أغسطس 2010 

الشيخ اتام يقول : انتصرنا على قوات ولاية بونتلااند.
(Read more) 14-Aug-2010

حملة اعتقالات للصحفيين فى ادعة محلية فى ولاية بونتلاند.
(Read more) 14-Aug-2010

Today's News 13 August-2010
Uganda Suicide Bombing Connected to MN? (Read more) 13-Aug-2010

Somali presidential candidate visits St. Cloud (Read more) 13-Aug-2010

Al-Shabab sets free 12 prisoners (Read more) 13-Aug-2010

One died 8 others wounded in a road accident (Read more) 13-Aug-2010

Compensation cleared after 14 years (Read more) 13-Aug-2010

President Silaanyo nominates 9 regional commissioners (Read more) 13-Aug-2010

Botswana won’t send troops to Somalia, FA minister reveals (Read more) 13-Aug-2010

Today's News 12 August-2010
Hizbul-Islam calls for fight in the month of Ramadan (Read more) 12-Aug-2010

Ethiopian PM hints of re-sending troops to Somalia (Read more) 12-Aug-2010

Provincial Police commissioner resigns post (Read more) 12-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 12 أغسطس 2010 

حملة اعتقال لحليقى اللحى فى شبيلى السفلى
(Read more) 12-Aug-2010

رئيس ارض الصومال يعقد اجتماعا مع رجال الاعمال فى هرجيسا
(Read more) 12-Aug-2010

رئيس ارض الصومال يطلب قروضا مالية لحكومته.
(Read more) 12-Aug-2010

Today's News 11 August-2010
Al- Sharq Al Awsat Newspaper Presented a Fictitious Somalia “Memo” As Factual News (Read more) 11-Aug-2010

World Vision and ADRA say are free from Al-Shabab condemnation (Read more) 11-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 11 أغسطس 2010 

محمد سعيد أتام يقول : حاصرنا قوات بونتلاند فى جبال جلجلال.
(Read more) 11-Aug-2010

حوادث خطيرة بين أفجوى ومقديشوا.
(Read more) 11-Aug-2010

Today's News 9 August-2010
Al-Shabab pulls the plug on an old sacred mosque in Mahaday district (Read more) 9-Aug-2010

Al-Shabab bans 3 Aid Organizations from its territories (Read more) 9-Aug-2010

Helicopter from US warship disrupts pirate attack off Somalia's coast (Read more) 9-Aug-2010

Two perished in a road accident 4 others wounded (Read more) 9-Aug-2010

U.N. to return to Somalia within two months -envoy (Read more) 9-Aug-2010

'Iran ready to help resolve Somali crisis' (Read more) 9-Aug-2010

Somaliland boycotts Buuhoodle treaty (Read more) 9-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 09 أغسطس 2010 

الشيخ حسن طاهر عويس زعيم الحزب الإسلامي التجار الصوماليين بالتقصير في المشاركة في حملة الجهاد التي يشنونها ضد الحكومة وضد قوات الأميصوم
(Read more) 9-Aug-2010

Today's News 8 August-2010
Gal-Mudug state vice-president meets Somali president (Read more) 8-Aug-2010

Heavy fighting in the Puntland state 12 died  (Read more) 8-Aug-2010

Libya expels Somalis out of its country (Read more) 8-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 08 أغسطس 2010 

نشاطات عسكرية فى محافظة هيران.
(Read more) 8-Aug-2010

Today's News 7 August-2010
Two people wounded in an AU troops open fire (Read more) 7-Aug-2010

Three flogged in an open ground (Read more) 7-Aug-2010

Traditional Elders come under fire in Buuhoodle district (Read more) 7-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 07 أغسطس 2010 

جماعة أهل السنة ستبدأ قتال خلال شهر رمضان المبارك
(Read more) 6-Aug-2010

حد الرجم على احد الشاب فى شبيلى السفلى.
(Read more) 6-Aug-2010

Today's News 6 August-2010
The Plight of Somali Refugees in the Arabian Peninsula (Read more) 6-Aug-2010

Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin 30 July-6 August (Read more) 2-Aug-2010

Today's News 5 August-2010
Ahlu-Sunnah Waljama set new strategy for weddings (Read more) 5-Aug-2010

Number plate registration for Gal-Mudud automobiles (Read more) 5-Aug-2010

Ejected Puntland Parliamentarians vow to turn rebels (Read more) 5-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 05 أغسطس 2010 

تفجير أوى بحياة بعض النساء اللاتى يعملن فى نظافة الشارع فى ناحية بونطيرى. 
(Read more) 5-Aug-2010

حركة الشباب تحطم كنيسة فى مركاالتابعة لشبيلى السفلى
(Read more) 5-Aug-2010

Today's News 4 August-2010
10 died over 20 wounded in an overnight shelling in Mogadishu (Read more) 4-Aug-2010

Schools football match comes to an end in War-torn Mogadishu (Read more) 4-Aug-2010

Government urges pirates to free Chandlers (Read more) 4-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 04 أغسطس 2010 

الحكومة الاوغندية تتهم بجبهة  أى دى أف بصلتها مع حركة الشباب
(Read more) 4-Aug-2010

احتفالات بذكر تأسيس ولاية بونتلاند شمال الصومال.
(Read more) 4-Aug-2010

Today's News 3 August-2010
Six passengers perish in a road accident 4 others wounded (Read more) 3-Aug-2010

Al-Shabab instruct Baidoa residents to come out for a Holy War (Read more) 3-Aug-2010

Hizbul-Islam menace a local radio station (Read more) 3-Aug-2010

President Farole of Puntland denounces VOA anchor (Read more) 3-Aug-2010

Prees Reless Galmudug State (Read more) 3-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 03 أغسطس 2010 

المعارضة الاسلامية تقر حتمية توحيد صفوف الاسلاميين.
(Read more) 3-Aug-2010

الحزب الاسلامى يهاجم محلات الانترنيت فى افجوى.
(Read more) 3-Aug-2010

أخبار عربية 02 أغسطس 2010 

مفاوضات بين الحزب الاسلامى وحركة الشباب تنتهى بالفشل.
(Read more) 2-Aug-2010

حركة الشباب فى شبيلى الوسطى تعرض فلما لحروبها
(Read more) 2-Aug-2010

Today's News 31 July-2010
Somali government retakes Yed district (Read more) 31-July-2010

Explosion in the southern seaport town of Kismayo (Read more) 31-July-2010

Atom says they are not part of Al-Shabab (Read more) 30-July-2010

Today's News 29 July-2010
Extra troops will do zero progress in Somalia says Al-Shabab (Read more) 29-July-2010

Al-Shabab alter schools names (Read more) 29-July-2010

Somali pirates release Turkish ship (Read more) 29-July-2010

Burundi arrests terrorism suspect (Read more) 29-July-2010

أخبار عربية 29 يوليو 2010 

رئيس ادارة "ارض الصومال" يعلن الحكومة التى شكلها
(Read more) 29-July-2010

الحكومة الصومالية ترحب قرار الاتحاد الافريقى
(Read more) 29-July-2010

معارك عنيفة بين القوات الحكومة وقوات المعارضة الاسلامية فى مقديشوا.
(Read more) 29-July-2010

Today's News 28 July-2010

The Final Communiqué of the 15th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly (Read more) 28-July-2010

أخبار عربية 27 يوليو 2010 

أمريكا والنرويج ستقدمان مساعدة مالية لإعادة الاعمار فى الصومال
(Read more) 27-July-2010

جماعة اسلامية تأمر بتسليم أجهزة التلفزبون قبل حلول شهر رمضان المبارك.
(Read more) 27-July-2010

اشتباكات جديدة فى ادارة بونتلاند شمال الصومال.
(Read more) 27-July-2010

كلمة رئيس الجمهورية الصومالية شريف الشيخ أحمد
(Read more) 27-July-2010

Today's News 27 July-2010

Somalia dominates AU summit (Read more) 27-July-2010

African Union Summit Opens in Kampala Today, Stabilizing
Somalia Tops the Agenda (Read more) 27-July-2010

Somali President and US Assistant Secretary of State Met in
Kampala (Read more) 27-July-2010

Today's News 26 July-2010
Somali President and the UN Secretary General’s Envoy to Somalia Held Their First Meeting in Kampala (Read more) 26-July-2010

Deadly combat in Puntland region for the 1st time (Read more) 26-July-2010

Voice of Djibouti: Manifestation of poor mothers at the Place Harbi Mahamoud (Read more) 26-July-2010

أخبار عربية 26 يوليو 2010 

معارك فى ادارة بونتلاند بين متمردين وقوات الأمن التابعة رئيس فرولى.
(Read more) 26-July-2010

قوات من اثيوبيا تصل الى منطقة فيرفير القريبة من محافظة هيران.
(Read more) 26-July-2010

أخبار عربية 25 يوليو 2010 

وزارة البيطرة الصومالية تطرح محجرا اساسيا للمواشى
(Read more) 25-July-2010

مقتل 2 واصابة واصابة أخرين فى حنوب افريقبا.
(Read more) 25-July-2010

دول 4 افريقية ترغب ارسال بعثة الى الصومال.
(Read more) 25-July-2010

مسؤول فى قوات حرس القصر الرئاسى يصرح باستسلام 3 جنود الحكومة لحركة الشباب.
(Read more) 25-July-2010

Today's News 25 July-2010
Open letter to the President elect Somaliland (Read more) 25-July-2010

The optimistic face of Somalia (Read more) 25-July-2010

أخبار عربية 22 يوليو 2010 

  وزير الأمن الصومالى يتحدث عن تفجيرات الاخيرة فى كمبالا.
(Read more) 22-July-2010

قوات الأمن لادارة بونتلاند تقوم بابعاد الصوماليين من جنوب الصومال.
(Read more) 22-July-2010

رصاصة طائشة تصيب نائبا فى البرلمان الصومالى.
(Read more) 21-July-2010

الصوماليون فى جنوب افريقيا.
(Read more) 21-July-2010

Today's News 19 July-2010
President Shariff becomes the First President to meet Italian President in 20 years (Read more) 20-July-2010

Somali President Meets with the Italian Foreign Minister (Read more) 20-July-2010

Somali President in Cairo: Meets with the Arab League
Secretary General, Arab Envoys and Somali Community (Read more) 20-July-2010

Puntland parliament passes act against terrorist (Read more) 20-July-2010

مراقبون: الصومال... «أفغانستان جديــــــــــــــدة»!
(Read more) 20-July-2010

الشرطة الأوغندية تنشر صورا لمنفذي هجمات كمبالا الانتحارية
(Read more) 20-July-2010

!!مصير الصومال رهن عشرة ملايين دولار
(Read more) 20-July-2010


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