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Somalia: Long Lethargy

Mogadishu Monday 19 October 2009 SMC

by Dr. Ahmed Alasso


The human intelligence is, to some extent, inferior to that of other animals, especially birds. The wild animals

 such as lions, tigers and elephants, are less intelligent than the smallest birds, what we mean is ability of survival, since the birds, first and foremost, think  how to arrange their nets inoder to hide and escape from hunters and other huge birds...while tigers and lions do not have where to hide or keep their kids from ill-intentioned creatures by relying on their forza brute

because these do not possess the innate ability of the birds who have homes to protect themselves and loved ones.

The Somali people can be evaluated as bulldozers good in destroying their homes and cities, while they have no shelter or have where to go or to hide from the fluctuating whether conditions and un-pleasant atmosphere that surrounds every Somali in their own country.  Unfortunately, they are less intelligent than the birds, even those individuals who migrated to other countries or studied abroad and read history and  saw the devastation that civil wars cause, still call or support for more wars inorder to achieve the goals of their tribes, regardless of the sufferings of their country-men.

Somalia is nobody's land, so what's missing? What we really lack is nationalism feelings. There are few who feel pity for the people's sufferings, while an overwhelming majority have no objection if the whole country collapses and all people killed, if that helps their tribe/sub clan to rule...what do we call this insanity, madness?  Once the legendary Chinese leader Mao Tse-Tung said "every defeat is a victory" which simply means they will not repeat the same mistakes, while Somalis are doing same destructive mistakes again and again and again. Once one foreigner asked me why  you Somalis are fighting?  None of us knows the answer...killing is going on for almost 20 years now, yet as an Arabic wisdom says : 20 years is many for a man's life but it is negligible in a country's life. We can recover lost time if we decide to talk and put down the arms.

There are many analysts who believe the problem that is going on in Somalia and many other countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Yemen ,Sudan and some others is an international conspiracy aimed at destabilizing these countriesis..The tools used to execute these sinister agendas are some if not many of their own political leaders whom from their end use all forbidden ways and means to achieve their goals, if any.  Because the Somali's so called faction leaders have no objectives beyond continuation of the current chaos, so that none can think to rebuilt this country and plan for a prosperous future that might include for mineral research and excavation if ever...that is why this powerful conspiracy will never allow that Somalia becomes a petrol producing country.

The core of the matter is its mineral resources..similar are above mentioned countries' troubles, except Pakistan, evenhough their trouble is far more less catastrophic than ours.  No country have ever endured what we are experiencing for so long without good prospective. Nobody can predict what the future is keeping for us. We are a country where everybody is a politician and everyone of us criticzes the President or other politicians,  the illiterates are dictating policies and so called educated guys criticize all actions that government members do...they are forgetting that if you criticize an action you have to have in hand the proposed solution or an aternative in order to correct the action.  The current government of Sheikh Sharif seems the only available cure of our long illness, the long deep lethargy that he(Sharif) might helps us to reject this unbearable situation, because he is sincere and has no ill-intentions to perpetuate his rule.

Strange enough we have seen teen-age students from Columbus,Ohio criticizing the President and there are always some others

who will listen to them and hail their actions. Thanks to the internet that gave everybody chance to express one's view without

censure..unfortunately, we  have no educated people, since the definition of education is change in behavior, but if you behave like your ancestor be sure you are not educated....How many of us know the job description of a President or the diplomatic eticket..Somalia is now, mainly, but not limited, to Siyad Barre's devastating policies, where education, intelligence, ability of fault-finding and getting solution are not included in our dictionary and everybody is evaluated according to his tribe, regardless of his personal readiness to contribute...There is a say in Somali language "if the cows start delivering only oxen its sign of their extinction" from 1969 till today ( with exception of Sheikh Sharif and few others) we are ruled by the lowest quality of people that a society can produce, as the Italians say (ogni popolo ha il suo governo) which means every people has the government it deserves.

Today our problem is based on religion extremism which is taking us to the far side of the Islamic theology.  We are people with

one religion and one sect: Ahlu-Sunna and there were no enmities among us untill WAHABIYA came to our shores and

caused division among us.  As Jhonny Carson, the American envoy to Africa said recently "Somalia is fighting Wahabiya".It is the Wahabiya's policy that created divisions and troubles everywhere in the Islamic world, because they fight moslems by creating hostilities among the people of the same sect, same country and many times among the communities who live in foreign countries after they succeeded in creating unstable conditions in many countries.  What is happening in Somalia and the real opbjectives of those organizations such as Hisbul Islam,Shabab and others is not, as they claim, implimentation of Shariia law but rather beyond all that,as the conspiracy of distruction is orchestrated from overseas with professional foreign agents/terrorists used to perpetuate the instability so as to make Somalia a safe heaven for all extremists.

We reserve ourselves the right to discuss the matter deeply sometime in near future.

Somaliweyn Media Center “SMC”

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