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Somalia: AU Troops in Somalia pays compensation to Somalis

Mogadishu 14 October 2009 SMC

The African Union Peacekeepers in Somalia particularly the Ugandan troops have on late Tuesday afternoon paid compensation to the owners a caravan of camels they have sprayed with bullets in the night of the 13th of September 2009.

The numbers of the camels the Ugandan troops have killed were 11 and injured scores of others.

The incident occurred near the Mogadishu inaternational

airport which is just next to the biggest AU base in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

“In this parcel in front of you here today contains $7600 which is the amount of compensation which the African Union troops is paying to the right owners of a fleet of camels which our boys have gunned down mistakenly, in fact the time when the event occurred was night and the sky was not clear, and the boys at the sentry were newcomers and sometimes it happens that there are people with ill motives behind the camels and after dialogue with the district commissioner of Wadjir Ahmed Dai and the camel owners and us we have agreed together to pay compensation which is equivalent to the paying price of the camel and I am telling the Somali people who are fighting out of nowhere to halt their combats and come together and solve everything through dialogue than gunpoint” said Major Barigye Bahouku the African Union spokesman.        

The spokesman has also advised the camels owners not to use the route near the airport when they are taking their camels to te abattoir specially when the sunsets.

On the other hand Major Bahouku added that what is going in the southern seaport town in Kismayo is not something which is based in religion.

“We are matured people and there is a large Muslim community in Uganda even there has been Muslim kingdom in Uganda called Buganda and we know more about what Islam means Islam means peace, so we have to view things from the positive side than the negative side” added Bahouku.

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