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NUSOJ Research Shows The Falsehood and Harmful report made against RBK is Politically Motivated,

Mogadishu Isniin 12 March 2012 SMC

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NUSOJ Research Shows The Falsehood and Harmful report made against RBK is Politically Motivated,

Mogadishu, 12 March, 2012

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) is shocked to learn a report alleging maltreatment and of RBK staff by its management and therefore clarifies its position that the report and the individual who wrote it does not represent the Somalia journalists and NUSOJ will
not further comment and apologizes Radio Bar-Kulan on such tainted and deliberate attack made on behalf of Somalia journalists.

The report which is full of falsehood and misinformation is genuinely reflects on the author’s individual interest, according to research conducted by NUSOJ.

The research which will be published on the union website upon completion shows that former and replaced Secretary General, Omar Faruk, in addition to his poor relations with RBK management and staff to the years it had existed, but none-the-less, Omar was highly pushed and encouraged prior to its publication and promised to put the attention of the audience by members of the BBC Somali Service to harm and damage the reputation and credibility of the Radio Bar-Kulan has
earned amongst its growing audience.

Radio Bar-Kulan - a United Nations funded organization - has become one of the best radio stations listened and got good reputation and fasting and incredibly growing audience with its staff paid in accordance with the international labor standards, while the BBC whose listeners were declining due to its sectarian policies, leading the BBC's most respected and renowned journalists leave the job and was gradually losing its audience, according to the NUSOJ research.

“However, BBC Somali Service sought in presenting such report written by the former Secretary General against RBK, to its audience, an opportunity  which could initiate the recovery of its lost audience and at the same time use the writer as an escape goat having the knowledge he is not NUSOJ official ” The research added.

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) while sending its apologies to anyone who received ill-intentioned, abusive, libelous and distressing emails and reports from the union’s former domain emails based on promoting his special interest to confuse the international community and media parents that he is still legitimate union official in unprofessional manner, warns against its use.

The Research which will be shared with the Somali Service of BBC before putting into publication will unravel a wide range of
violations in chronological order committed on behalf of the BBC against the Somali Journalists, media and Somali individuals based on ill-intentioned and corruptive manners meant to harm reputed individuals and institutions, while the project will extensively cover the alleged mismanagement of the BBC’s outreach projects and affiliations  to Somalia, allegations of corruption, maltreatment against its staff journalists, recruiting policies,  among others.

For more information and interviews, please contact the NUSOJ Central Head Quarter, Mogadishu, Somalia with the below office line and emails.

For further information, please contact:
National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ)
First Floor, Human Rights House, Taleex Street, KM4 Area, Hodan District,
Mogadishu, Somalia, Tel: +252 1 859 944,
e-mail: /
Follow us on Twitter: @NUSOJ_Somalia

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