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Somalia: Hizbul-Islam in Hiran region vows to attack Ethiopian troops 

Mogadishu Friday 19 March 2010 SMC

Somaliweyn – Mohammed Omar Hussein

An administration of Hizbul-Islam in Baladweyn town the headquarters of Hiran region in central Somalia has vowed to attack Ethiopian troops if they do something like military maneuvers in within territory of control in Hiran region.

The threats of Hizbul-Islam comes at a time when there are rumours saying that there are Ethiopian troops who have crossed the boarder between Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Somali Transitional Federal Government has proved wrong that there are no Ethiopian troops who have crosser the territory between Ethiopia and Somalia    

“We are fully prepared to fight the so called Ethiopian troops if they dare to cross the border between the countries, the Ethiopian troops know who we are, I am sure many of the children of these soldiers who are coming will be orphans” said Mohammed wali Odowa the spokesman of Hizbul-Islam in Hiran region speaking to Somaliweyn Website.  

The spokesman has also added that they are here to defend the rights of the Somali people and fight with any sort of strangers in the country.  

Ethiopian troops have sometimes 2006 invaded in Somalia offering military support to the fragile government of Abdullah Yussuf the former President of Somalia to fight against insurgents, and have eventually pulled out of the country after the current President Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed was elected as the President of Somalia.                     

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