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Somalia: Planes weighted down with Military equipments in central Somalia

Mogadishu Tuesday 8 June 2010 SMC

Somaliweyn – Mohammed Omar Hussein

Verified reports which Somaliweyn website has on Tuesday received from Dhusamareb town the headquarters of Galgadud region in central Somalia says that 3 planes laden with military equipments have landed at Galgadud airstrip on Monday.

These military equipments were tagged with the names of Ahlu-Suunah Waljama a moderate Islamist faction which controls most of the regions in central Somalia despite some areas been under Al-shabab a rival Islamist faction. 

The actual destinations which these planes have arrived from is not yet known, and for people not to more about which countries the planes belong to and what sort of military equipments they were carrying the Islamist faction of Ahlu-Sunnah Waljama has disconnected the entire communication system in the region for two days successively.

The officials of Ahlu-Suunah Waljama have not yet commented about the arrival of these military equipments in the region, and where has it arrived from, but most likely they may give out comments about these new military equipments in their possession.

“I am not authorized to say which country these weapons have arrived from, but all that I call tell you is that we have received adequate weapons from a close ally country which I am not intending to mention its name right here, we have enough weapons to eradicate the so called Al-Shabab and Hizbul-Islam in the central regions in Somalia and gradually from the entire of Somalia soon with the will of God the most Exalt” said Sheikh an officer from Ahlu-Suunah Waljama who has shortened his name as Sheikh Ahmed speaking Somaliweyn Website.

Ahlu-Suunah Waljam is a close ally to the government of President Shariff and are both battling with the rival Islamist factions in Somalia that is Al-Shabab and Hizbul-Islam.

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