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Somalia: Protest against FGM staged in Abud Waq district

Mogadishu Sunday 31 January 2010 SMC

On Saturday the inhabitants of Abud Waq district at Galgadud region in central Somali staged a wide demonstration against Female Genital Mutilation which is commonly practiced in some countries in Africa mainly in Egypt, Somalia, parts of Kenya and Ethiopia.

The demonstration was organized by the women organizations in the district, and they have expressed the effects of FGM and in the protest there were later joined by the intellectuals, the clerics and the different sectors of the community in Abud Waq district.

The demonstrators had placards depicted on a woman having a razorblade and a scissors attending to mutilate the genital part of a young wailing girl.  

“The main aspiration of this demonstration is to show our people how bad it is to practice this awful circumcision, and we have expressed the effects of mutilation of the genital part of the women especially during the birth time, this sort of circumcision was used to be practiced by the Pharos in Egypt and it was brought to Somalia by the early Egyptians who have arrived in Somalia, and with the will of God we are willing to eliminate this soon in our region and gradually in the entire of our country” said Fatuma Anoole Guled the Chairperson of the women organization in Abud Waq district speaking to Somaliweyn Website on Sunday.      

The Islamic scholars have as well stated that there is nowhere mentioned in the Holy Quran that women should be done to genital mutilation.   

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