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The Plight of Somali Refugees in the Arabian Peninsula

Friday 6 August 2010 SMC

UN has to go an extra mile to address the appalling situations there!

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Unfortunate Somalis destined from bad to worse, it’s over two decades now when an armed violence erupted in the home country. The world gets bewildered to mend the unabated political morass. Entire multiple bids by regional and international actors to defuse the prevalent hybrid quandary are yet to deliver. The most recent endeavor from the latest Djibouti upshot appears fragile and ineffective. The incumbent UN-supported government in Mogadishu seems battered to grave by creeping insurgents.
The whole world is now watching helplessly to the bubble of intractable disarray in the country, with exhausting all strategic plans to bring about peace and sanity.

With this desolate scenario, and the lack of an eminent solution in sight again coerced million more Somalis to flee dispersedly to wherever karma can take to, searching safer sanctuary away from scary, war-ravaged Mogadishu. According to Agency’s estimate 1.4 million Somalis have been displaced internally and more than half million are now refugees in neighboring and other countries.

Kenya hosted the largest number of displaced refugees. Though rights groups blasted Kenyan security personnel for committing abuses and human rights violations against refugees crossing the border into Kenya, However UNHCR head; Antonio Guterrs praised Kenyans for their humane generosity they showed to African refugees in their country. Kenya has one of world’s oldest, largest and most congested refugee camps. A ratio of 21000 crossed over the border during early months of this year alone.

Thousands of refugees who live in urban areas have so far integrated into Kenyan public, building their future and making business in metropolis vicinities. They are refugees but today they own retail chain outlets, real state companies, business holdings, and investing in various commercial industries, which is, in turn, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars into country’s economy. 

Not only in Kenya, also Somali Refugee entrepreneurs use Mombasa port as a transit hub for goods heading to Southern Sudan, Uganda, and of course southern Somalia while monsoon winds hampering Indian Ocean commercial routes. Kenya also represents a centerpiece for massive aid coordination activities to Somalia.

With the help of Kenyan government, huge numbers of Somali refugees had been flown for resettlement to Europe, North America and Australia which helped UN refugee Agency evade further shrinking resource.  The agency faced growing difficult to cope with unusual influx of refugees from Somalia.

As UN Deputy High commissioner Alexander Aleinikoff reported to press at UN this year (2010) alone 200,000 Somalis were driven from their homes by violence in Mogadishu who became stuck in the country. This compelled the Agency to make appeals of supplementary donations totaling 60 million US dollar which makes the overall budget of the Agency for 2010 up to 425 million US Dollar for Somalia and all Somali refugees in neighboring countries.   

For Arabian Peninsula, Yemen rescued thousands of Somali boat people whom their wooden boats wrecked or capsized during adventurous voyage to Yemeni coasts, those who washed ashore alive, were given refugee status in camps administered by UNHCR, However most of Somali refugees in Yemen are now living in urban places, seeking for jobs and better life. Some continued their journey to reach to the Paradise of oil-rich Saudi Arabia. 

Yemen is truly commendable for its humane and generous reception for Somali asylum seekers. It has conferred unrestricted liberty of movement tantamount to the one enjoyed by ordinary Yemeni citizens.

However, unfortunately, Yemen is largely one of poorest countries in the world. Its strained economy depends on scant and rapidly depleting petroleum resource, which represents 80% of the revenue source that the government relies on.

The country also challenges one of fastest quantifying population in the world, this, along with huge domestic rivalry in the north and secessionist violent campaigns from the south made the country lagged behind the pace of development. In combination of these factors added to unbridled corruption and notorious social behavior of chewing stimulant narcotics called “khat”. Yemen had been put under the spotlight of international concern.

With these alarming conditions, Somali refugees there are living in grievous situation; they became derelict and unobserved melting in an ocean of despair among people who suffer an abject poverty.  Somali refugees used to beg on streets, little number of them get chances for domestic works like house maids or carwash jobs but majority of them lay on streets as a disposal waste.  

With this looming crisis in Yemen, United Nations Refugee Agency lost its temper this week attacking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its long adhered inhumane conduct to Somali refugee migrants there. The Agency urged Saudis to refrain from any extra (refoulement) deportation of Somali people to Mogadishu. As Agency’s chief spokesperson Melissa Fleming reported to press in Geneva, indicated more than 2000 Somalis were deported in the months of June and July alone. All are flown back to Mogadishu amid new surges of fierce conflicts. 

Saudis did not sign 1951 Geneva Convention in which global nations committed to protecting of refugees and asylum seekers, thus the country does not have national refugee policy which mandates the kingdom to accommodate asylum seekers.  However UN is now urging to all countries be it a signatory of the international treaty or not should extend some form of protection to Somalis by considering to humanity grounds and generalized violence at home.

We know Saudi Arabia is much different from Yemen; it possesses 25% of the world's proven petroleum reserves, ranks as the largest exporter of petroleum which classified the country into the fore front of the global economic hierarchy.

Despite such abundant wealth, since Somalis fled to all over the world, Saudi Arabia remained one of worst places Somalis ever set on foot since the wars engulfed in their country. Somali refugee migrants there are dealt in equal or in some cases more cruelty than other migrant workers, Somalis (men and women) are chased on streets like animal hordes, dragged, flogged, detained and forcibly deported back to Mogadishu at a time violence is on the peak.
We call for UNHCR to increase efforts and adopt new strategy to cope the terrible conditions of refugee in the Arabian Peninsula. We need UN to go an extra mile to address the appalling situations in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. I would envision to finding out a resettlement plan which is the only viable option for refugees and for the Agency as well. The current situation in Yemen and the Kingdom’s unsympathetic and intolerable approach cannot be continued any longer. Action must be coordinated to find out a complete cessation to sadistic refoulement by Saudis and seeking a new humane country(s) which can offer an opportunity for resettlement. UN must explore new strategy to contain the suffering of Somalis in this part of the Arab world. I see no hope for a voluntary return by those living there. And their plight has been lost between sheer negligence from the Agency and legal excuses by those countries. As George Bernard Shaw warned: “the worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them”
Mohamed O. Eyow
Somali Socio-Political Analyst
based in UAE



Somaliweyn Media Center (SMC)












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Hizbul-Islam vanishing into Al-Shabab (Read more) 18-June-2010

Fire destroys valuable properties in Baladweyn town (Read more) 18-June-2010

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قوات من حزب الاسلامى فى ولوين تنضم الى أدارة حركة الشباب المجاهدين.
(Read more) 18-June-2010

Today's News 17 June-2010
Ethiopian trained Somali soldiers join Al-Shabab (Read more) 17-June-2010

Kenyan police rape, beat, detain Somalis fleeing conflict in their country, says rights group (Read more) 17-June-2010

الرئيس شيخ شريف يطالب الجيش ببحث قضية تجنيد الاطفال.
(Read more) 17-June-2010

ارض الصومال التى أعلنت انصفصالها عن الصومال فى 18 مايو1991م   
(Read more) 17-June-2010

Today's News 16 June-2010
A 15 year old girl carrying explosives apprehended  (Read more) 16-June-2010

Al-Shabab clarifies why elbowing Hizbul-Islam out of Baladweyn (Read more) 16-June-2010

World Food Programme strongly criticized (Read more) 16-June-2010

Release of the 2010 Trafficking in Persons Report (Read more) 16-June-2010

*قوات الحزب الاسلامى تقول: أنها تلقت معلومات تتعلق بشان مهاجمة جماعة اهل السنة على معاقلها.
(Read more) 16-June-2010

*أستولت حركة الشباب على مدينة بلدوين أثر مغادرة قوات الحزب الاسلامى للمدينة.
(Read more) 16-June-2010

Today's News 15 June-2010
A famed traditional Elder against Islamist leader’s decision (Read more) 15-June-2010

Premier Sharmarke of Somalia seeking for confidence (Read more) 15-June-2010

Ahlu-Sunnah waljama bans carrying illegal fire arms (Read more) 15-June-2010

How the explosions in Nairobi will affect the Somalis in Nairobi? (Read more) 14-June-2010

رئيس الحزب الاسلامى حسن طاهر اويس يعلن أن قواته سوف يستمرون قتالها مع الحكومة الصومالية والدول المساندة لها.
(Read more) 14-June-2010

Today's News 13 June-2010
Cheetahs illegitimately exported from Somalia to UAE (Read more) 13-June-2010

Press Release on Ethiopia's invitation to the G20 Summit: (Read more) 13-June-2010

Compte-rendu du meeting du vendredi 11 juin à Djibouti (Read more) 13-June-2010

FSNAU May-Monthly Climate Data Update & Market Price Data Update (Read more) 13-June-2010

Today's News 12 June-2010
UN voices dismay at deaths of Somali asylum-seekers (Read more) 12-June-2010

Pirates Free Cargo Ship (Read more) 12-June-2010

21st century: Africa’s time has arrived (Read more) 12-June-2010

Today's News 11 June-2010
Ministers decision regarding the appointment of new ambassador to China (Read more) 11-June-2010

International anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia face challenges  (Read more) 11-June-2010

Today's News 10 June-2010
Quarrel over the ownership of a young girl (Read more) 10-June-2010

PM Sharmarke likely to form new Somali government (Read more) 10-June-2010

Press release from the office of President Shariff (Read more) 10-June-2010

The Position of the Somali Presidency on the Resignation of Ministers (Read more) 10-June-2010

UN Secretary-General designates envoy for Somalia (Read more) 10-June-2010

Today's News 9 June-2010
A big Shame on President Shariff, Speaker Shariff and PM Sharmarke (Read more) 9-June-2010

Three imperative cabinet Ministers resign posts (Read more) 9-June-2010

Somaliland Elections: Major Blow to Canadian, American, Al-Shabab’s Clandestine Operations (Read more) 9-June-2010

Alwihda s’est entretenu avec Kadamy leader du Front pour la restauration de l'unité et la démocratie, FRUD (Read more) 9-June-2010

Today's News 8 June-2010
Three imperative cabinet Ministers resign posts (Read more) 8-June-2010

Newly Elected Speaker Due to meet with UN Officials in Nairobi (Read more) 8-June-2010

Al-Shabab spokesman asks government to surrender (Read more) 8-June-2010

Planes weighted down with Military equipments in central Somalia (Read more) 8-June-2010

Kenya asks US to lead international effort in Somalia (Read more) 8-June-2010

Russian task force concludes anti-piracy mission off Somalia (Read more) 7-June-2010

Today's News 6 June-2010
Somali lawmakers elect 1st deputy speaker (Read more) 6-June-2010

IGAD Secretary General applauds Somali Government (Read more) 6-June-2010

Ethiopian premier appeals for global support for Somalia (Read more) 6-June-2010  

Attorney General terms the election of the 1st Deputy Speaker unlawful (Read more) 6-June-2010  

Tanzania urges Africa to send more troops to Somalia (Read more) 6-June-2010  

FBI Arrests 2 Men Boarding Plane In JFK Airport Heading To Join Terror Network (Read more) 6-June-2010

Today's News 5 June-2010
Al-Shabab flog youngsters in Somalia (Read more) 5-June-2010

Professor Dalha calls his post on the verge to be usurped (Read more) 5-June-2010

Sool elders hold secret meetings with Al Shabab(Read more) 5-June-2010

Today's News 3 June-2010
Three Journalists detained for taking Photographs (Read more) 3-June-2010

ONLF Calls PM Zenawi’s words Baseless (Read more) 3-June-2010

Somali troops storm cargo ship but pirates kill captain (Read more) 3-June-2010

Today's News 2 June-2010
Somali pirates seize Panama-flagged vessel (Read more) 2-June-2010

US Supreme Court Rules Former Somalia PM Can Be Sued in US (Read more) 2-June-2010

President Shariff delivers Heart touching speech at the France- African Summit in Nice (Read more) 2-June-2010

THe New Attacks AGainst Alshabab (Read more) 2-June-2010

Today's News 1 June-2010
Man flogged for sexual intercourse in Bay region (Read more) 1-June-2010

Fighting between Al-Shabab and Ahlu-Sunnah Waljama (Read more) 1-June-2010

Today's News 31 May-2010
Abdi Muuse Mahaay a real Somali jingoist (Read more) 31-May-2010

Deadly battle between Al-Shabab and Ethiopian troops (Read more) 31-May-2010

Today's News 30 May-2010
President Shariff of Somalia appears among African head of states (Read more) 30-May-2010

State defence Minister criticizes government soldiers (Read more) 30-May-2010

Islamist in Hiran region says NGOs resume Humanitarian activities (Read more) 30-May-2010

Somali journalists boycott Islamist order (Read more) 30-May-2010

Today's News 29 May-2010
President Shariff met the newly elected speaker of the House (Read more) 29-May-2010

Ex-Finance Minister turns to be speaker (Read more) 29-May-2010

Today's News 28 May-2010
A crocodile swims away with a woman (Read more) 27-May-2010

Islamist Detain 3 Somali correspondents in Somalia (Read more) 26-May-2010

Today's News 23 May-2010
A vital bridge in Baladweyn has broken (Read more) 23-May-2010

UN Chief Urges Global Support for Somalia's Government (Read more) 23-May-2010

Today's News 22 May-2010
President Shariff at Istanbul in Turkey (Read more) 22-May-2010

Al-Shabab took with them Somaliweyn FM radio station equipments (Read more) 21-May-2010

Puntland security detain Pirates ringleader (Read more) 21-May-2010

Today's News 20 May-2010
10 Somali Cabinet Ministers censured for corruption (Read more) 20-May-2010

Mother of Somali pirate appeals for his release (Read more) 20-May-2010

Today's News 19 May-2010
11 pirates apprehended from the coastal town of Garad (Read more) 19-May-2010

Somali Man Pleads Guilty in 2009 Hijacking of Ship (Read more) 19-May-2010

Swedish man arrested for plotting Somalia attack (Read more) 19-May-2010

AU Urges Unity among Somali Leaders (Read more) 19-May-2010

Today's News 18 May-2010
Omar Abdirashid calls his government legitimate (Read more) 18-May-2010

A lunatic man kills 1 injures 5 others (Read more) 18-May-2010

PM of the Somalia reject the dissolve of the prisedent and... (Read more) 18-May-2010

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