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Somalia: “We shall be fighting in the month of Ramadan” says Aweys

Mogadishu Sunday 23 August 2009 SMC

The leader of Hizbul Islam one of the Islamists group fighting against the Somali Federal Government Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys has on Sunday officially declared that, his party Hizbul Islam will continue fighting against both the African Union peacekeepers meaning, the Ugandan and the Burundian troops in Somalia and the Somali government soldiers.

“There is nothing like stopping fighting against the foreign troops who have invaded in our soil and their Somali ally whether it is the month of Ramadan or any other month in the Islamic calendar, it is good enough to fight during the month of Ramadan” said Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys the boss of Hizbul Islam.

The Sheikh has also said that is rumors and propaganda that he is intending to join the government.

“I have never dreamt of joining the government of President Shariff because I have seen no difference between the government lead by Abdullah Yussuf which I was its number one rival and this one Shariff, so hence I am making clear in front of everybody that there is no one time I will be joining this fabricated so called government” added Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys. 

Somaliweyn radio asked the Sheikh what is his plan towards the salvation of the Somali people and the development.

“There are three points which I have in mind for the salvation of the people and the development of the country”.

1-There should be no reconciliation, stability and unity since foreign troops are in our soil 

2- Elders, intellectuals and religious people should come together set a good governance policy for these people  

3- General meeting should be organized and parts should come together.

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