New Somalia law seeks to rescue fisheries from looters.

Somalia says its lucrative fishing resources will be completely shielded from looters once a new law comes into force, and which will provide uniform regulation in all parts of the country.

A draft law by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources seeks to bring on board all state agencies at federal government level as well as the agencies in federal states, unifying, for the first time, what has been chaotic regulation of fishing grounds for nearly four decades.

Mohamud Sheikh Abdullahi, the director-general for Fisheries in the ministry told the Nation that the country’s nascent federal structure where some states were more powerful than others had given looters the opportunity to fish illegally in Somalia’s waters, as there had been no standard licensing conditions.

“Somalia has drafted a new fisheries law that will address the gaps in the federal power sharing system and also address the fisheries management, deal with corruption, licence system and environmental protection,” Mr Abdullahi said on Saturday.

Federal and state powers

“We are also strengthening the intergovernmental coordination within our country and with other maritime agencies. The confusion caused is because of the new federal structure which, as you may know, has not yet been updated to determine where federal and state powers begin and end.”