Two people killed in Mandera bus attack.

NAIROBI:-Al-Shabaab fighters have today attacked two passenger buses heading to Mandera town, killing two passengers and injuring over ten others, a police commissioner confirmed.

Speaking to media in Mandera town, Monday, Rono Bunei, northeastern regional police commander confirmed the attack saying the suspected militants ambushed the buses at an area between Olla and Sarman villages.

One of the buses overturned as the driver sped off from the scene of the attack. The accident has led the death of two passengers and injured twelve others.

The injured passengers have been rushed to Mandera hospital with multiple injuries.

The commander said the government dispatched forces to hunt down the perpetrators.

“We have sent reinforcement to the area to pursue the attackers who escaped towards the Somalia-Kenya border. They will be caught,” the police commander vowed.

Mandera has been borne the brunt of grenade and gun attacks in the last several years since Kenya took its troops to Somalia to fight the al-Shabaab group.

Al-Shabaab group has been attacking areas along Kenya-Somalia border while targeting mostly non- locals working in the region.

Many people, majority of them non- locals have as a result lost their lives with others left with permanent injuries.

Kenya had sent its troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight al-Shabaab following several attacks in Kenya’s coastal region allegedly conducted by the terror group.