Two killed in political party offices attack in the town of Las-Anod.

HARGEISA:- Gunmen have injured two people and destroyed computers and other assortment during attacks on three Somaliland political party offices in Las-Anod town of contested Sool region of northern Somalia.
According to sources, the armed men attacked offices on Sunday. The circumstances surrounding the attack were not immediately clear.
The attack comes less than a day after Puntland announced that it will commence voter registration in the contested region of Sool.
The state’s interior minister Mohamed Abdirahman Dhaban’ad said the registration exercise will kick on in Las’anod in Sool region in ‘coming days.’
“We want to start voter registration exercise in Las’anod town. We want this process to take place peacefully,” Dhaban’ad said.
Puntland and Somaliland states have a long-protracted dispute over Sool and Sanaag regions.
Both Somaliland and Puntland claim the ownership of the two disputed regions, Sool and Sanag.
Hargeisa base its claims on the imaginary boundaries set by the British during the colonial period as Puntland’s claim is based on clan agreement inked during the formation of the state two decades ago.
Somaliland declared independence from the rest of Somalia on 18th May 1991.
Despite relative stability and commendable governance, the region has not yet been recognized by the international community.