Read: FGS Ministry of Finance responds to allegations against Hirshabelle.

Somali Ministry of Finance has responded to allegations from the Hirshabeelle rigged and that money intended to have looga Shabelle River.

A statement from the Somali Ministry of Finance reads:

The Ministry of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia, in view of the press release issued by the HirShabelle Disaster Management Committee, outlines the progress of the flood prevention project (SCRP) in HirShabelle State.

1. The project started assessing the need for flood protection on the Shabelle and Juba rivers on 27 March 2021. Action planning was carried out jointly by the Disaster Recovery Project (SCRP) and the above-mentioned State.

2. 71 flood prevention sites were surveyed.

3. The design for the dam on 5 April 2021 has been prepared.

4. Competition for the implementation of flood prevention activities.

5. 44 contractors selected by Hirshabelle administration (Jowhar 19 and Beletweyne – 25)

6. Two companies are currently operating dams at 7 sites in Hiran region.

7. There are 10 contractors ready for next week: 6 companies in Beletweyne and 4 in Jowhar and its environs. The FGS Ministry of Finance shares the flood crisis with the State Government and the people of HirShabelle.

We are working hard to accelerate the work of the Disaster Recovery Project (SCRP) in Hirshabelle districts.

We confirm that the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia has not received any funding from the HirShabelle State, and that according to the Disaster Recovery Project (SCRP), operations are proceeding as planned.

The Ministry of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) is requesting the Hirshabelle Flood Prevention Committee to provide evidence on allegations that the central government has withheld funds for flood relief in Hirshabelle.