UN reiterates call for dialogue in Somalia.

MOGADISHU:-The UN Security Council called on Somali political stakeholders “to reject violence and resume dialogue as a matter of urgency and without precondition.” In a statement Friday, the Council said the political impasse is “diverting attention from pressing problems such as floods, drought, desert locusts, the COVID-19 pandemic, and combatting the terrorist threat of Al-Shabaab.”

“The members of the Security Council expressed their deep concern about the continued political impasse and disagreement among Somalia’s political leaders on the model for elections,” the document said.
The global body’s remarks come hours after the European Union reiterated its position to rejected Farmaajo’s term extension by the African Union rejection of the extended stay in office by President Mohamed Farmaajo.
EU High Representative Josep Borrell said in a statement Friday the continental bloc welcomes the African Peace and Security Council decision to oppose the Lower House resolution and instead called for the resumption of electoral talks.
“The European Union supports the rejection of any mandate extension and looks forward to a prompt return to negotiations, facilitated by an African Union envoy, to achieve consensus for elections, based on the agreement of 17 September 2020,” Borrell said.
He also welcomed the AU proposal for a meeting of the troops contributing countries to Somalia to assess the country’s security situation. The African Union mission AMISOM this month handed more ground to the Somali Security Forces to take the lead in security operations against Al-Shabaab.