Jowhar families to benefit from water well, constructed by AMISOM.

Jowhar:-Families living in Towfiq Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camp in Jowhar, Middle Shabelle region of Somalia, will now have access to clean water following the construction of a water well by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The well was handed over to the Governor of the Middle Shabelle region, Ahmed Meyre Makaran, on Wednesday by the contingent commander of Burundi forces serving under AMISOM, Brigadier General Télesphore Barandereka.

“Handing over this water well is a source of great joy. We have representatives from the ministry of energy and water as well as representatives from communities here today. As the sector commander and on behalf of AMISOM, this event is one of great importance. The local population has expressed its gratitude for this gesture because water is life,” Brig. Gen. Barandereka said.

Brig. Gen. Barandereka noted that AMISOM conceived the idea to construct the well to address a long standing water problem for residents of the IDP camp.

Brig. Gen. Barandereka added that AMISOM will soon implement other development projects like construction of health centers and schools which will impact positively on the lives of the local people, and are part of AMISOM’s Civil- Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities, aimed at strengthening relations with the local communities.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Ahmed Meyre Makaran, the Governor of Middle Shabelle region thanked AMISOM for the support adding the new water well will solve the problem of water scarcity, faced by the people in the camp.

“We are very glad for AMISOM’s support to the families living in the IDP camp who had no water. Previously, these families used to depend on the AMISOM base for water but now they have been handed their own source of water located right within the camp. I wish to thank all those who were involved with this project starting with sector 5 commander and his Burundian officers,” said Governor Makaran.

Constructing the well was a priority project for the IDPs, who for long lacked clean water sources. Lack of access to clean water remains a challenge in most parts of Somalia, and is a leading cause of waterborne and diarrheal diseases.

“Before this, we used to be given water by AMISOM but it was not enough. We would leave our camp at 5:00 am to fetch water from the AMISOM camp, and only return home in the evening. Sometimes we would return without water. We are very much relieved that we now have a water well constructed for us in our own camp,” said mother-of-five, Khadija Yahye Dakane, who lives in the camp.

The construction of the well is part of AMISOM’s Quick Impact Projects (QIPs), aimed at ensuring quick but long lasting impacts aimed at improving the lives of the local communities in Somalia.

Source: AMISOM