Somalia: Al-Shabaab takes control of Ba’adweyne

Al-Shabaab militants have reportedly taken control of Ba’adweyne town in the southern Mudug region.

Ba’adweyne has witnessed a fierce fight between Al-Shabaab on one side and local militia backed by the Somali forces on the other side. On Thursday night, government forces have withdrawn from the town, which prompted Al-Shabaab to take over immediately.

Ba’adweyne is important for the Mudug region, and it is influence by the extremist group will undermine the traffic movements in major Mudug towns such as Galkayo and Hobyo as well as Adado in the Galgadud region.

The Galmudug administration and the security agencies of the Somali federal government have not yet commented on Al-Shabaab’s takeover of Ba’adweyne.

Al-Shabaab claims control of Ba’adweyne town.