SFF annual congress gives regional associations the green light to host Inter-State tourney

Somali Football Federation, has on Wednesday March 31st held its annual congress which discussed and approved a number of schemes pertaining to the development of the game in Somalia.

The previous date of the congress was 31st of December 2020, but it was postponed by an executive committee decision, after Somali government banned all public indoor gatherings due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic which engulfed many lives in Somalia.

But now that the situation is slowly returning to its normality and the government started vaccine rollouts, the Somali Football Federation, has been able to hold the congress with all precautions including social distancing have been met during the event.

All stakeholders including football clubs and regional associations attended the congress, although the number of participants has been reduced, as part of the Covid-19 prevention measures.

The 2020 activity report was delivered to the congress in a video format, while the 2019-2020 expenditures, 2021 activity plan and 2021 budget were read to the congress.

After a lengthy and openly discussions in accordance with the SFF constitution, the congress unanimously approved the below-mentioned points.

·         Activity report 2019-2020

·         Expenditures 2019-2020

·         Activity plans 2021

·         Annual budget 2021


The SFF secretariat presented to the congress a detailed information about several development projects financed under the FIFA FORWARD PROJECTS 2.0 which include.

·          Waamo Stadium project which has been concluded.

·         SFF technical centre project phase two, which has been done about 90 percent and is expected to conclude within 45 days.

·         The construction of Somali Football Federation headquarters which is due to be ready to move in by the end of the year.

·         The construction of Ocean Stars accommodation known as Stadium Mogadishu Hotel which will also conclude by the end of the year.

The congress also approved that the federal member states be given the opportunity to host the annual Somali Inter-State football tournament depending on which federal member state wins hosting rights as bidding process for hosting the event will open every year to award hosting rights to the winning state and if federal states become unable to host, then the capital Mogadishu will always be available to embrace it.


The congress lauded for the appointment of Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, onto the executive committee of Africa football’s governing body CAF.

Congress members thanked CAF president Dr. Patrice Motsepe and his executive committee for awarding the membership to Somalia.

Somali Football Federation senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, who talked on behalf of Somali football family, said Somalia was very grateful to CAF president Dr Patrice Motsepe for co-opting Mr Arab onto CAF executive committee,

“I would like to thank CAF president, Dr Patrice Motsepe, for giving our country this great opportunity to sit on the CAF executive committee” Somali Football Federation senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, said during his address at the congress.


Somali Football Federation president, Abdiqani Said Arab, who addressed at the end of the congress, first commended congress members for their full attendance, openly discussions and unanimously approving all agendas put forward to the congress.

The president thanked FIFA and CAF for being the sole financers of football activities in the country. “We depend on FIFA and CAF for all what we do. Without the financial assistance from them mainly from FIFA we couldn’t have been able to do the huge tasks we have achieved, so thanks to them once again” SFF president Abdiqani Said Arab, said before closing the congress. The date for the next annual congress has been set as the 31st of December 2021.

Somali Football Federation Media Department