Soomaalida Qurbajoogta gaar ahaan reer Yurub oo warqad furan u dirtay Madaxweyne Erdogan

H. E. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
President of The Republic of Turkey
T. C. Cumhurbaskanligi Genel Sekreterligi
06689 Cankaya, Ankara

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cc:Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed Ali

President of Kenya Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh

March 11, 2021

Your Excellency,

I would like to thank you for the long-lasting good relations you have with the Somali people and your support for the healthcare, education and humanitarian efforts in Somalia.

The Somali people have been hindered by war, conflicts and disagreements between them. They have long time been waiting peace and prosperity. We have had elections in 2012 and 2017. But unfortunately after President Farmaajo was elected and inaugurated four years ago, this positive process was stopped, and the people have no longer have any confidence in the current leadership.

Since the end of President Farmaajo’s term of office at midnight on Feb. 07th 2021, Somalia has been without a legitimate constitutionally based government. Now the Ex-president Farmaajo has been breeding conflict between clans in order to stay in power using divide and conquer tactics. The resources and the financial assistance given by your great country is unfairly used for his own political advantage. Therefore, the Somali people are disappointed about Turkish been exploited. Now the question is, why Turkey is silent about this misuse of their support surely given in good faith?

The ex-president used Turkish trained forces to stop peaceful protestors marching against his rule of Feb. 19, 2021, showing his dictatorial intentions. He has also used the GorGor forces for coercion and rigging of regional elections. So there is no doubt the same forces and weapons provided by Turkey will be used to hijack the upcoming elections. The former president assuredly and in our best estimation will not yield power voluntarily.

Mr. President, given the role of Turkish Somali relations, the Somali people are looking forward to your intervention in this matter. I request you to set up a committee to investigate the misuse of support paid by your taxpayers and the use of troops during the demonstrations on February 2021 mentioned above. Naturally, it would be prudent not to provide further support in form of arms to the Somali forces, as Somalis would interpret this as support for illegal dictatorship by the Turkish government.

I have written this letter in order to advance the bilateral relationship and cooperation between our two countries. I wish that Turkey will in the future listen directly the voices of the Somali people. Now is the time to stop supporting unjust leadership and advance peace and stability in Somalia and to forge long lasting good relationships between our two countries.

I hope you will help to persuade former President Farmaajoto dismiss the national army commanders involved in the attack against peaceful civilian protestors and opposition leaders and remove the army from engaging in politics. It is also vital that meetings, demonstrations and other peaceful political activities can be resumed without restrictions from the current Somali government.


Mahamad Caalim

Signed on behalf of Somali Diaspora Committee consisting of:

1) Ahmed Siad, Somali Atlantic Council, President of the Somali Diaspora Committee 2) Mahamad Caalim, former Diplomat, Chairman, and the Founder of Somali European


3) Ahmed Gagaale, Somalia Liberal Party

Markkinakatu 10 C 93,

02230 Espoo

+358 458712195