AMISOM begins rehabilitation of Barawe stadium as part of Civil-Military Co-operation.

Barawe:-A sports stadium in the coastal town of Barawe, in the Southwest State of Somalia, will get a major facelift following the commencement of major rehabilitation works by the African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM.

The rehabilitation of the recreation facility to improve sports and engage the youth is being undertaken by Ugandan troops serving under AMISOM in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia.

Beyond fighting terrorists to secure Somalia, AMISOM also undertakes Civil-Military Cooperation, CIMIC initiatives to improve the lives of the local communities in their Area of Responsibility (AoR).

During a visit to assess the facility, the District Commissioner (DC) Sheikh Umar Abdulzk, thanked AMISOM for agreeing to renovate the which he said, would help the youth develop healthy lifestyle through sports.

“We are grateful for the support of our brothers (AMISOM) to improve this facility,” said Sheikh Umar Abdulzk.

He noted that when completed it will promote sports, talent development, healthy lifestyle, engage the youth, foster unity and above all, prevent the youth from being drawn into criminality and violent extremism.

He commended AMISOM troops and partners for strengthening cooperation and coordination with Somali security forces, and the local community in maintaining security in the region.

The site engineer, Captain Ronald Tusiime, said the support includes leveling the ground, filling ditches and clearing the thicket on the pavilions.

The Southwest Chief of Clan Elders, Sultan Abdulle Said Mohamed, lauded the Commander of Battle Group XXIX (29), Col. Edward Kaddu and the troops for the good relations and assistance to the local community.

In the past, the Barawe stadium hosted major football and volleyball tournaments. However, it was rendered non-functional when floods ravaged the area in April last year.

The DC was accompanied by his deputy, Mohammed Ali, AMISOM Sector One CIMIC Officer, Captain Obed Mberebaki and district officials among others.