Somalia orders Kenyan envoy to leave country within 7 days, cuts ties with Kenya.

Somalia’s Minister for Information Osman Dubbe said Kenya was always interfering with its internal politics adding Nairobi frequently wanted to create problems with Mogadishu
The diplomatic tiff between the two neighbouring countries re-emerged after President Uhuru Kenyatta held bilateral talks with a delegation from Somaliland led by President Muse Bihi.

A fortnight ago, Somalia expelled Kenyan ambassador to the country Lucas Tumbo over alleged interference in its elections slated for February 2021.

Somalia has cut its ties with Kenya and ordered the country’s envoy to leave country within seven days over what it termed as violation of her sovereignty and territorial integrity.

President Uhuru (l) acknowledges greetings from Somaliland leader Muse Bihi at State House on Monday, December 14. Photo: State House.