Somali journalists protest AG’s ‘false reporting’ remarks.

MOGADISHU:– Journalists in Somalia have condemned remarks by Attorney General Suleyman Mohamud that he was investigating alleged ‘false reporting’ with a view to prosecuting certain journalists.

Somaali Journalists Syndicate (SJS) said in a stement the remarks spoke of sustained attacks on journaklists by the Federal Gioverment especially at a time the elections process were underway.

The AG Thursday alleged that certain media houses were publishing false reports and interviews bent on creating instability in the country.

“We have noted certain reporting and interviews based on false information. These reports serve to destablise the country and derail the government efforts,” the AG said.

He did not however refer to any particular media house or journalist but said investigations were ongoing. In their statement, SJS which draws membership from several journalists in the country said ‘threatening media and journalists through legal bullying ahead of the national elections is completely unacceptable.’

“Somali Government and its regional Member States should respect the freedom of the press during the forthcoming elections and authorities should discourage all kinds of censorship and threats including the latest threats from Federal Government’s Attorney General,” SJS Secretary General Abdalle Mumin said.

Authorities in Somalia have variously been accused of oppressing journalists through intimidations, arbitrary arrests and sentencing.