Somalia most vulnerable to climate shocks- report.

NAIROBI:– Somalia is among the most vulnerable countries to climate change shocks in sub-Saharan Africa and the least survive climate effects, a report by a Canadian University has said.

The report by the University of Notre Dame University ranks Somalia at position 179 out of 181 countries citing ‘lack the resources and infrastructure to bounce back after catastrophic weather events.

“The country is in great need for investment and innovations to improve readiness and a great urgency for action. Somalia is the most vulnerable country and the 14th least ready country,” the report says.

Somalia is ranked alongside Chad, Central African Republic, Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The report comes amid adverse climatic shocks affecting Somalia including flooding, droughts and locust attacks. Over a million people have been displaced internally in Somalia in the last three years as a result of drought and flooding.

The report bases its analysis on a country’s readiness and vulnerability. Readiness measures a country’s ability to leverage investments and convert them to adaptation actions.

Overall readiness is measured by considering three components – economic readiness, governance readiness and social readiness.