H.E President Farmajo: “Somalia is ready for the forthcoming elections

Mogadishu:-The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has assured the citizens and partners of the Federal Republic of Somalia on the country’s readiness for a well coordinated elections as scheduled.

During the signing ceremony of the recently passed electoral agreements at the State House, Villa Somalia, H.E the President expressed optimism over the country’s preparedness with his signing marking the culmination of the inclusive political agreement on indirect elections reached in Mogadishu by the leadership of the Federal Member States and the Federal Government.

This followed after both the House of the People and the Upper House unanimously endorsed the agreement on 26th September 2020 before its submission to H.E the President for his Signature.

H.E President Farmajo has also directed all government agencies to play their roles effectively for the smooth facilitation of the elections in consistent with the expectations of the signed political agreements.

The President has pointed out that his assent of the agreement is a clear testament of the administration’s unequivocal commitment to further Somalia’s democratization process and steer the country towards the path of peace and prosperity during and after the elections.

“At the Federal level, we have played our part and put in place all the required measures to pave way for successful elections and this includes implementing all the provisions of the electoral political agreement leading up to the federal parliamentary polls.” He said.

H.E President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has further commended the leadership of the Federal Member States and the Banadir Regional Administration for their endeavour and critical role in bringing about an agreement on the country’s electoral process as a result of the negotiations which took place in Samareeb and Mogadishu respectively.

“Somalia has always been ready as soon as we signed the political agreement and its supplementing procedures back in October with the leadership of the Federal Member States.”

The President also congratulated the Speakers of the House of the People and the Upper House and their members for their leadership and patriotic duties which significantly contributed to the completion of the process including the endorsement of the Indirect Electoral Political Agreement.