Somalia’s ‘Al-Shabab’ Attacks Airport, 3 Injured.

This noon, 3 Somalis were injured in an attack carried out by the Al-Shabab (Youth) terrorist movement on the airport of the capital of the state of Galmudug Tusmarib in the center of the country.

The attack is the second in less than a month.

According to local media, the shells that targeted Ogas Nur airport were fired by terrorists from the southeast of the city of Tusumarib.

Sources told Al-Ain News, that Al-Shabaab militia attacked the airport with ten shells.

The sources revealed that the attack resulted in the injury of at least three people who were among the residents of areas close to the airport.

The airport in Tusumarib city hosts a military base for the African Union Mission in Somalia ( known as AMISOM), and there are stationed Djiboutian forces operating within AMISOM” there.

The Somali terrorist movement escalated its attacks on the airport in the city of Tusumarib.

However, violent clashes have erupted amongst the warring factions of the terrorist movement militias in Somalia.