President Farmajo addresses Parliament on Election issues.

Mogadishu:-President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Saturday addressed the Parliament on the latest and upcoming talks between the Federal Government and Federal member states on election issues in Dhusamareb town in Galmudug State at extraordinary session in Mogadishu, SONNA reported.

” Earlier,there has been a political agreement based on election process of the country which was held in Baidoa town in 2018, then joint committee from FGS and FMS’s preparation on this area, London and Brussels talks led the agreement to hold an one man, one vote election while you(Parliament) passed the law guiding that election”, The President said.

President Farmajo assured the Parliament that he would bring any agreement reached in Dhusamareb3 talks between the FGS and FMS back to the Parliament again, in order, they might take their constitutional role on it.

“It is indispensable for the Federal Government and Federal Member States to talk, consult, and come up with plans and political decisions enabling Somali people to have the right to decide their fate”, He added.

The President is expected to travel to Dhusamareb town where he would participate the 3rd phase of the talks between the FGS and FMS which was scheduled to open there today on Saturday, 15th August, 2020.