That conflict on Rennaissance dam between Ethiopia and Egypt reminds me, that Somalia has also the same issue with Ethiopia. Nowadays the diplomatic conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia is getting heated over Ethiopia’s renaissance dam. The conflict is based on Ethiopia’s intention on how to fill and operate the dam. Egypt insists that there must be an agreement between Ethiopia and the downstream countries.
Somalia should also raise its demand for water sharing with Ethiopia. But Farmaajo is ignoring this issue in exchange of Aby’s support of internal issues. Because, Somalia shares with Ethiopia two rivers Shabelle and Jubba and Ethiopia has last decades built major dams on both rivers. Worth mentioning that Somalia as a nation recovering from the civil war has no power to negotiate Ethiopia with many more issues including water.
Furthermore, Somalia’s current government has no intention to negotiate with Ethiopia due to Ethiopia’s involvement in Somalia’s internal politics. Both rivers regarded as international rivers because two countries share the rivers and are beneficiaries. But unfortunately, Ethiopia doesn’t regard Somalia as a sovereign nation and they just violate Somalis water rights.
Ahmed Mohamed
Spokesman of Hiiraan Diaspora Network
Washington DC