Somalia exports third consignment of 17 tons of bananas to Saudi Arabia

MOGADISHU-  Somalia has this week exported 17 tons of bananas to Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the Ministry of Agriculture has said.

Speaking in Mogadishu Ministry of Agriculture Yusuf Nur Eid said the ship carrying the consignment left the port of Mogadishu for the international market this week. This is the third consignment since Somalia resumed banana export last year.

Nur said the government was finalizing policies and regulatory frameworks to revive the banana sector in the country.

“We are finalizing the policies necessary to revive the Banana Marketing Agency to boost our exports to the international market. The agency will be unveiled soon,” said Nur.
The USAID’s Growth, Enterprise, Employment and Livelihoods (GEEL) has been working with the Ministry of Agriculture and farmers to revive various agricultural and fishing sectors in the country.