Kenyan Government considers more stiffer measures to fight Coronavirus

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has warned the public against spreading Coronavirus pandemic by ignoring the mandates and advice to contain this pandemic disease.
“The number will grow exponentially” , Mr. Kagwe warned.
“Don’t wait to hear someone you know has died; that someone could be you” he added.
As per the prominent Kenyan newspaper-The Daily Nation , a survey made on Thursday showed a majority are not listening. Boda-boda (motorbike) riders are still ferrying more than two passengers with no protective gear.
Traders are interacting with customers oblivious of the possibility of infection while Matatu (Public Bus) crew always try to to get that extra passenger on board.
Kenyans’ defiance of mandates and scientific advice to fight Coronavirus pandemic , as Daily Nation observes, “has led the government to panic, a move that is likely to elicit more stringent measures such as enhancing the current curfew or imposing a total lockdown”.

Addressing to the public, the Health Cabinet Secretary said that public service vehicle operators would be required to ensure that their passengers and everybody they carry put on masks to help avert further spread of this disease.

“With the assistance of chiefs and public vehicle operators , the masks shall be made available to the public” the minister said.
Furthermore, the CS called for those planning to travel for the Easter Holidays to not travel and to stay at home. “It’s important for us to train ourselves to do so” he proposed.

Kenya declared the first Coronavirus case on March 13. Cases rose to 122 since then , With four deaths and four recoveries.

On March President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered a national daily curfew that is set to come to an end on April 26 , 2020.

The government suspended travel from any country with reported COVID-19 case.

Schools and universities have been closed and citizens were encouraged to make cashless transactions to curb spread of coronavirus.

Officials are predicting the country to have 10,000 Coronavirus cases by end of April.

Abdwahid Shiidiye