AMISOM trains 200 police officers in Hirshabelle State

A total of 200 police officers trained by the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) will soon graduate from Jowhar Police Academy to maintain law and order in Hirshabelle State.

As part of its mandate, AMISOM Police continues to partner with the Somali Police Force (SPF) to train, mentor and advise them to build their capacity and meet international policing standards.

AMISOM Police Coordinating Officer for Hirshabelle State, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Yuyi Mwala, said the recruits at Jowhar Police Academy were nearing the end of their training and would soon be deployed to serve the state.

“We have 200 hundred recruits who will graduate soon. They are well-prepared, and we are thankful to the Hirshabelle State leadership and the police leadership for supporting AMISOM to achieve its mandate,” said ACP Mwala.

On Thursday, a visiting delegation from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) expressed satisfaction at how the training was conducted.

“We are impressed by what we have seen. The trainees are now at a level where they can perform their duties in the communities,” said UNSOM Deputy Police Commissioner, Khadijah Mashile, who witnessed some of the recruits in action.

Mashile, who was accompanied by officials from UNOPS, UNSOS, and the European Union, met with AMISOM Police instructors and Hirshabelle State officials who briefed her on progress so far.

Senior Police Advisor in the Ministry of Internal Security, Aden Yusuf, hailed the AMISOM for their contribution to the rebuilding a professional and capable Somali Police Force, and the United Nations for its support to the process.

“Hirshabelle will soon have a total of 600 police officers operating in all the districts and villages of the state. We also hope to recruit another 200 to bring the total number of police officers to 800,” said Yusuf.