AMISOM honors outgoing Sector Four Commander

Mogadishu:-The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on Sunday bade farewell to Col. Mohamed Ibrahim Moussa, after the successful completion of his one-year tour of duty. As Commander of Sector Four, Col. Moussa led Ethiopian and Djiboutian troops to the liberation of villages in Hiran from Al-Shabaab.

Speaking before his departure to Djibouti at Ugas Khalif airport in Beletweyne on Sunday, Col.

Moussa said he was grateful for the tremendous support he received from AMISOM, the president of Hirshabelle State, the governor of Hiran and other partners in the region.

“It was an honour to lead the forces. I am grateful to all our partners who cooperated with me to make this mission a success” Col. Moussa said.