Kenyan angered by Djibouti’s campaign for UN Security Council seat

Kenya has raised a complaint about Djibouti’s ‘dishonourable’ campaigns for the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council seat, in the wake of failure to have Nairobi’s endorsement by the African Union reversed.

Both countries have been seeking the seat, whose election is due in June at the UN headquarters in New York.

But Nairobi, which was endorsed by the African Union in 2019 is complaining that Djibouti is engaging in underhand acts in an attempt to overturn Kenya’s approval.

On Friday, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said Djiboutians were campaigning without “decorum and certitude” and were in fact disrespecting the African Union by talking ill of the continental body’s decisions.

“Contrary to the false impression that was being created prior to the 33rd Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly, this endorsement was final and not subject to review,” Kenya said, arguing the AU had “unequivocally affirmed the decision to endorse Kenya.”

“Kenya considers this matter no longer solely about the candidature but about the values and principles we have all chosen to abide by. Kenya therefore distances itself from any campaign that brings dishonorr and disrepute to the African Union and any of its member states.”