Somalia’s opposition coalition condemn U.S ambassador for unwise legitimization of a fraudulent election in Galmudug

MOGADISHU, Somalia- The Forum for National Parties (FNP) has taken a note of the so-called “presidential election” in Dhuusamarreeb, the capital of Galmudug State, on 02 February 2020.

in its statement, FNP notes that this was the third presidential election staged in Galmudug over the past few weeks, following the failure of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) to lead a credible and inclusive political process that inspires the confidence of all relevant stakeholders.

Cognizant of the complex political dynamics of the region, the FNP has warned repeatedly in the lead up to this fiasco that only a free, fair and inclusive electoral process would produce a legitimate state authority in Galmudug. Moreover, the FNP has offered to leverage its influence in order to bring about a broad-based dialogue among communities and stakeholders of Galmudug. Regrettably, both the FGS and certain members of the international partners have ignored our offer to contribute to an inclusive statebuilding process.

In this regard, the FNP was dismayed by the statement of the US Ambassador to Somalia, Mr. Donald Yamamoto, in which he unwisely legitimized a fraudulent and manifestly corrupt electoral process bereft of inclusivity. The FNP categorically rejects the US Ambassador’s statement and underlines that, in doing so, he surrendered his privilege as an honest and impartial diplomat who leverages his weight to foster dialogue among Somalis.

Moreover, the position taken by Amb. Yamamoto contradicts with the core principles of good governance and promotion of democracy that are pillars of US foreign policy.

In this context, the FNP underscores that the events unfolding in Galmudug over the past few months are emblematic of the Federal Government’s dismal record in terms of organizing political processes that inspire the trust of stakeholders. Since coming to power, President Mohamed Abdullahi (Farmaajo) and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire left no stone unturned to dismantle and destabilize all federal member states without exception.

Taken together, these actions point to a pattern of undermining the nation’s federal architecture using tax payers’ meager resources to forcefully takeover member states for the sole purpose of predetermining the outcome of federal elections scheduled later this year. The FNP will continue to vehemently defend the core tenets of the Provisional Constitution in a manner that advances reconciliation, compromise and dialogue. In this regard, we call on Somalia’s international partners to remain steadfast in their impartiality on the domestic politics of our nascent democracy and avoid exasperating an already fragile situation.

Finally, the FNP reiterates its full preparedness to contribute to a broad-based dialogue among key stakeholders in Galmudug with the view toward establishing an inclusive and viable state that is built on compromise and reconciliation. Any dispensation that lacks these characteristics will undoubtedly lead to further fragmentation and could create a vacuum that can be exploited by terrorist groups who are lurking on the sidelines.