Somalia: Former Jubbaland Security minister who was in government custody reportedly escaped; Police

MOGADISHU, Somalia- A former security minister in the regional Jubbaland state of Somalia , Abdirashid Hassan Nur known as Abdirashid Janan, who was detained by the central Somali government in Mogadishu, has escaped, Police said.

Abdirashid Janan, former Jubbaland security Minister has been in government custody since August 2019, where he arrested at the Mogadishu international airport, appeared before the court with charges of human rights voilations.

“Former Jubbaland security minister Abdirashid Hasan Janan, who was accused for human rights violations, has this morning escaped from the government custody, the security agencies are in search for him and seeking for re-arrest and request the Somali public to help should they see him.” Zakia Hussen, deputy police chief said in twitter.

The regional administration of Jubbaland State of Somalia has not officially replaced Abdirashid Janan from his post, despite he was under government custody. . Many say his arrest is politically motivated and might have linked to the crisis on the presidential elections in the Jubbaland State of Somalia, where he was allied to Ahmed Madobe who the government was against his re-election.

Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, a federal lawmaker, accused the government for trying to assassinate the Abdirashid Jana by claiming that he escaped from government custody might raise serious questions.” Ahmed Moalim Fiqi said on Facebook post.

Local media reports said that Abdirashid Janan was taken from the Prison to undisclosed location, where the media said he was being treated.

This is not the first time inmates escaped reportedly to have escaped from government prison. On January 8, 2020, Somali government said that Al Shabab inmates escaped from Mogadishu central Jail. This however highlights how corruption is widespread among the Somali security sector.