Somalia condemns Hormuud Telecom attack by Kenyan Defense Forces in Lower Jubba region

MOGADISHU:Somalia-Somalia Ministry of Posts, Communication and Techbology has on Tuesday condemned an attack by Hormuud Telecom base at Jaldeys district in Lower Jubba region by Kenyan Defense Forces, the latest in a string of attacks against Somali telecom business.

Witnesses said that Kenyan military attacked the Telecom company’s center at Jaldeys district and destroyed by planting mines.

Somali Minister of Posts, Eng. Abdi Anshur Hassan called upon the KDF to stop the attacks the Somali telecom company saying that the latest heavily damaged the Hormuud’s buildings and equipment, which heavily effected the communication and business in the area.

“We are seriously concerned that the attacks on Somali businesses and their lives continue in Jubba regions” Abdi Anshur Hassan, Somali minister of Posts said, “Everyone behind these attacked will be accountable”

Kenyan Defense previously attacked several Hormuud Telecom’s basis in Gedo iyo Lower Jubba regions