Missing Somali Danish girl found and sent to Denmark, family told

MOGADISHU:Somalia-The family of Somali Danish Girl Amaal Nor Osman who went missing after fleeing a rehabilitation center two months ago has been found and sent to Denmark, family said Wednesday.

Somali police chief Maj. General Abdi Hassan Mohamed told the State run Television SNTV that the police found Amaal Nor Osman who has been missing for almost two months and is being being in a safe place.

“The police found Amaal Nor Osman, an 18 year old girl, but her mother said she was 16” Maj. General Abdi Hassan Mohamed said.

After the news went viral, the family said in a press conference in Mogadishu that they contacted Abdinor Mohamed Ahmed, Director of Communication at the Somali presidential palace in order their daughter to be handed over to them. The family earlier met Abdinor seeking help, which he promised however the family said that what he said was otherwise.

“When approached the whereabouts of our missing daughter, he said in short that she was sent back to Denmark” Family members said, adding that they do not know the whereabouts of their daughter.

The Netherlands Embassy in Somalia said on twitter that they will raise the issue with the Somali authorities as many boys and girls boys and girls from European countries, being “rehabilitated” in centers while chained.

“Difficult issue happening to many boys and girls from European countries, being “rehabilitated” in centers while chained. We are discussing this issue with the authorities and hope to find a solution.” The Netherlands embassy said on twitter.

Amaal Nor Osman fled a local Islamic college known as Daarul Sunna which hosts at least 200 girls majority of them from Abroad for rehabilitation purposes, where she was staying for one year. The center punishes the girls with chains locked on their legs during their stay in the center to avoid escape attempt.

Source:Horn Observer