President Ordagan and Prime Minister Abyei reach out to President Farmajo.

Mogadishu:-The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, has been contacted by President of the Republic of Turkey, HE Rajab Dayib Ordogan.

President Ordogan offered his condolences to the government and the people of Somalia in the Ex-Terrorist terrorist attack, and pointed out that Turkey and the government will share with their Somali brothers the suffering.

For his part, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo thanked his Turkish counterpart, the government and the people of the country for their continued support to the Somali people, stressing that such acts of barbarism will never deter the Somali people and the government from relocating. building and developing the country.

He also expressed his condolences to President Ordogan and his countrymen for the two Turkish legends who died in the bombing, who, by Allah’s mercy, were involved in the rebuilding of our country’s infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abyei Ahmed contacted the President of the Republic by telephone to express his condolences to the terrorists who were massacred at the Ex-Kano junction.

President Farmajo and Prime Minister Abiye discussed joint plans to eradicate terrorism and the importance of regional states to accelerate the joint fight against terrorism.