“SJS warns intimidation against journalists during Galmudug election”

Syndicate Journalist of Somalia (SJS) strongly condemns the torture of journalist Abdishakur Abdullahi Ahmed “Shasahaa” who is tortured Hirshabelle by Hirshabelle security forces and confiscated his equipment on Wednesday morning, 11 December 2019, an attempt to discourage and silence him for his fair reporting and critics against regional authority.

The journalist, Abdishakur Abdullahi Ahmed “Shaa Shaa”, told SJS that he was targeted and singled out from five journalist colleagues after their car has been stopped near Jowhar airport to prevent him from covering the arrival of the UN envoy to Somalia Mr. James Swan.

“I was beaten and punched to the ground in front of the President of Hirshabelle Mr Waare. And my stuff was confiscated. I was threatened to killed so, that is why at the moment I feel now that my life is in danger” Shaashaa said in a video recorded himself in which he requested the Federal Government of Somalia, UN and other international partners to intervene his case.

SJS denounces the high handedness and unprofessional behavior of the Hirshabelle security who carried this brutal attack, and the Syndicate demands that the force as a matter of urgency commences trustable investigations that shall lead into disciplinary procedures against the errant officers.

“We are appalled by this senseless and cruel treatment of a working journalist. The brutal behavior of security forces towards Abdishakur Shaashaa shows there is no end to endangerment of journalist’s safety and security in Jowhar. We urge the Hirshabelle authorities to hold accountable the officers involved,” said Hassan Ibrahim President of SJS.

SJS call on Hirshabelle State leaders to respect the freedom of media and freedom of expression and give Abdishakur Shaashaa back his equiment .This is a threat to democracy and human rights; it is an affront to fundamental human rights of the citizen and of the profession which is guaranteed by the constitution of Hirshabelle”