Governor of Banadir Region Meets with European Union Envoy TO Somalia.

Mogadishu:- Omar Mohamud Mohamed (Filish), governor of Banadir Region and Mayor of Mogadishu has met with the ambassador of European Union to Somalia, Mr. Nicolas Berlanga, at the Local Government`s headquarters in Hamar.

The governor has informed the ambassador of the European Union about the current development of the region, Internally Displaced peoples` affairs, as well as the efforts and significant plans regarding the reconstruction of Banadir Region.

The governor, who has thanked the European Union for their relentless support for Somali people, has stressed on how to intensify the developmental programs, which the European Unions is implementing in Banadir.

On the other hand, Nicolas Berlanga has commended the people and the administration of Banadir Region for their continued efforts towards realizing tangible development, while ensuring a total recovery for their region. Also, he pledged to continue their support as well as their developmental programs, which they are currently implementing in the region.

Also, the ambassador has thanked the administration and the people of Banadir Region for warmly receiving him and facilitating the task, which he has undertaken prior to his arrival in the country.