Burundi troops commended for outstanding role in areas of operation

Mogadishu:- Burundi troops serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have been commended for their hard work in clearing main supply routes, training and mentoring Somali Security Forces and cooperating with members of the community in civil-military activities in the areas they operate.

AMISOM Force Commander Lieutenant General Tigabu Yilma visited the troops from the Burundi National Defence Force (BNDF) in Jowhar on Monday, where he assessed the progress made in executing AMISOM’s mandate.

In his meeting with the commander of the troops on the ground and other officials, Lieutenant General Yilma discussed the security situation in and around the areas they operate and the state of civil-military projects undertaken by BNDF forces to support the local population.

AMISOM Force Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Charles Imbiakha, who addressed the media after the meeting, said that the Force Commander had expressed satisfaction with the work of the Burundian soldiers in stabilizing the areas they operated and its surroundings.

Lt. Col. Imbiakha said that the Force Commander had accredited the success in operations to the coordination between AMISOM, Somali Security Forces and the local people.

“The Force Commander expressed satisfaction that BNDF has been able to stabilize the entire area, has contributed to the opening of the main supply routes to Mogadishu and has been able to integrate with society in civil-military operations. BNDF has also been able to mentor, to a large extent, the Somali Security Forces.

The Burundi troops are now in the process of handing over Forward Operating Bases to the Somali Security Forces as per UN security resolution 2472 which requires that we mentor and handover the security of this country back to the Somali Security Forces by December 2021”.

Imbiakha then added, “The Force Commander also paid condolences to the families of the soldiers who paid the ultimate price of being here in Somalia for this worthy course, and wished a quick recovery to those who suffered injuries. This mission is not in vain, but it is for the good of the people of Somalia”.