Speech by H.E President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo during the Concordia Leadership Award Ceremony

Dear Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am honored to be here this afternoon at this Concordia’s annual summit.
I am also honored to receive Concordia’s prestigious leadership award for 2019.

I would personally like to thank Concordia’s leadership for acknowledging the leaders in the horn of Africa for their tireless endeavor in realizing peace in the region.

Violent conflict have long contributed to poverty in a number of ways in our region, including enormous damage to infrastructure, institutions and production; the destruction of assets; the breakup of communities and social networks; forced displacement and increased unemployment and inflation.
In addition, resource scarcity, combined with rapid population growth, poverty, and underdevelopment are also key factors of instability in the region.

Peace is essential for sustainable growth and it is also seen as concord, or harmony, tranquility and prosperity.

I am honored to report that a wind of hope and peace is blowing in the horn of Africa after several decades of insecurity. However, maintaining peace requires trust building, compromise, concession, understanding and commitment from all sides involved in the conflict.

Trilateral agreement between our three countries focused on economic integration thanks to Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed and President of Eritrea Isaias Afwerki.

Having said, there are still many challenges ahead that requires resources and political support to overcome.
Finally, I would like to compliment Concordia for bringing together the entire world communities and thank you very much for giving me this leadership award.

Please keep the good work.