Terror attacks claimed 49 lives in 2018 -report

Al Shabaab attacks on Kenyans has decreased significantly, a crime report has found.

The 2018 report released by National Police Service on Tuesday indicated that there were 44 recorded cases of terror attacks in 2018 as compared to 80 in 2017.

Millitary embark on truck at Liboi bonder point to cross over to Somalia to fight AlShabaab on Tuesday,October 18

As a result of these incidents, 49 people were killed and 41 injured. In the 2018 report, 38 suspects were arrested.

Out of those killed 23 were police officers, 16 were civilians and eight were al shaabab militants.

This is a decrease from 2017 where 82 people were killed and a total of 118 persons Injured.

Source: The Star