Talk of the Town: The Puntland Investment Forum: a Successful Story

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate President Said Deni, VP Ahmed Osman Karash, and the entire team that made this great story a successful event. I was supposed to be part of it but time did not permit.

When I met President Deni this past April, he had already conceived the plan and was already planning for the details of the forum. Since, he has been on top of it. He toured many countries to publicize the event.

Kwame Nakrumah, upon taking power in Ghana in 1957, debated some of the Ghanian intelectuals on the primacy of ideology vs. economic development. Nakrumah, a socialist then, overemphasized that political ideology was the mother of progress. The others went for western economic development model without clear shot at their political orientation. Ivory coast followed the second pattern.

In the end of the 20th century, a middle road emerged that combines organic ideology and private market oriented economic development. Scandinavian countries are known to favor this hybrid model.

Puntland spent the last 20 years on potical formulation of the state. It appears that now is the time to marry the organic federalist political view PL so favors with a robust economic activities for the betterment of the state.

Over $400 million ($10 million by Green city, the group that I helped plan to invest) have been promised as an investment portofolio.

President Deni must establish special policy unit with a mandate to follow and track this significant investment. In planning, we say “promises are broken!” There will certainly be laxes here and there. But a tenacious unit to track the promises for investment will make this story successful.

Good and encouraging step!

Good luck

Faisal Roble