A Visit On Board ROKS Kang Gam Chan.

This past week in the Gulf of Aden, EU NAVFOR Somalia Operation ATALANTA’s ITS Antonio Marceglia met with the Korean ship ROKS Kang Gam Chan.

Both ships are part of respective counter-piracy operations; The ROKS Kang Gam Chan is attached to Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 and the ITS Marceglia is currently deployed as Operation ATALANTA’s Force Headquarters (CTF 465).

With both ships in the same vicinity, Operation ATALANTA Force Commander Rear Admiral Armando Paolo Simi took the opportunity to fly to the ROKS Kang Gam Chan where he was welcomed by Rear Admiral Byeong-Ju Yu, Commander of CTF 151, and Captain Sang Geun Lee, the Commanding Officer of the ship.

While on board for the brief visit, the Task Force Commanders discussed their shared aims and goals in tackling the threat of piracy.

“CTF 465 and CTF 151 are both dedicated, counter-piracy task forces that have a shared aim of deterring and disrupting piracy to ensure freedom of navigation at sea,” said R. Adm. Yu. “Meeting with R. Adm. Simi enabled us to discuss future collaboration and cooperation and enhance information sharing in our fight against piracy.”

Activities and engagements planned with counter-piracy partners are very important in the framework of improving Operation ATALANTA’s presence in the high-risk area off the Horn of Africa.

The Republic of Korea has provided support to EU NAVFOR Somalia Operation ATALANTA many times since the early years of the operation.

The invaluable cooperation between Republic of Korea and European Union warships is helping to strengthen maritime security to keep seafarers safe as they transit the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Thank you to CTF 151, the Republic of Korea, and the crew of the ROKS Kang Gam Chan for the continued support of EU NAVFOR Somalia Operation Atalanta.