Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development

Press Statement
The Minister of Women &Human Rights Development, Hon. Deqa Yasinannounced the release of Somalia’s CRC Initial State Party Report in fulfilment of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

This report comes after Somalia became the 196th country to sign to the convention in 2015. The event marks a significant step in Somalia fulfilling its reporting obligations under various treaties and conventions to which it is a State Party.

After facing a 35 year backlog this is yet another milestone, and important step in re-integrating Somalia into the regional and international human rights system.

The release of this Initial State Party Report in line with CRC requirements demonstrates the commitment and determination as a Federal Government to fully participate in the promotion and protection of human rights both at home, and on the world stage.

This commitment is selfevident though actions taken in recent policy, legislative and administrative decisions. The report consists of data collected from consultations with state and non-state actors in Federal Member States and the Benadir region. Special consultations were undertaken with children. The report outlines detailed actions the government has taken towards the domestication of the convention.

The results of the report prompted the Ministry to initiate the drafting process of the Child Rights Bill in 2017, which forms a strong legal framework for protecting children in Somalia.

As Somalia reintegrates into the regional and international human rights system, the Ministry calls upon state parties to the CRC to support an enabling environment for the full protection and promotion of the rights of the child in Somalia.