Soldiers of the 48th AMISOM Battalion perform acts of kindness.

The soldiers of the 48th AMISOM Battalion performed a charity act on Thursday, September 06, 2019, respectively at the Prince Regent Charles Hospital of Bujumbura City Hall and at the Mother Mother of Consolation Orphanage in Bubanza Province.

At Prince Regent Charles Hospital, they settled the $ 5,700,000 bill for 7 hospitalized and established indigent patients who ran out of money to pay their bills. The beneficiaries were delighted with this charitable act and thanked these soldiers while asking any charitable soul to help the poor who are not able to pay their bills.

After the Prince Regent Charles Hospital, the soldiers of the 48th Battalion of AMISOM also performed a charitable act at the Marie Mère orphanage of the consolation of Bubanza province by granting food aid.

According to Lieutenant-Colonel Emery Minani, this aid is the result of the effort of the 48th Battalion of AMISOM of which he is the commander. These soldiers have just returned from their peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

As for the head of this orphanage, Father Justin Banzubaze, he thanked these soldiers for their charitable soul for having lent a helping hand to this orphanage since their work of educating infants is very delicate. He asked them to be ambassadors for this orphanage, especially since they had just seen their daily lives.

This orphanage which was born on April 1, 2004, by the idea of ​​Monsignor Jean Ntagwarara, currently hosts 65 orphaned children.