Defense of the Homeland!

Yes, there is a serious political disagreement between Mogadishu and Kismanyo on the upcoming presidential election that is soon to take place.

However, the two sides have to collaborate on the defense of the homeland from all opportunistic neighbours.

President Ahmed Islam was right to tell Ethiopia to not interfere in the ongoing local election and we loudly support him for that. Equally, we support President Farmajo for his effort to curb the intimidation that the Kenyan governemnt wages against Somalia on the maritime contest.

Here is the issue. Ethiopia does not want to remain the chairmanship of IGAD. PM Abiy’s hand is too thinly stretched to handle his own backyard. In his place, President Uhuru wants to be the boss of IGAD, which would put a lot of military power in his singular hand. It will also put tremendous decision-making powers to guide the work of NGOs and aid groups, not to mention remittances from Somali diaspora.

In normal times this may not bother us. But with the ICJ hearing soon to happen (September 19-2, 2019 to arbiter the sticky maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya), and it is likely that Kenya may ask for a continuence, Kenya should not be in a position to own the security sector of Somalia.

Especially that Kenya indicated that it will not accept any decision from the ICJ that goes against its national interest, Kenya at this juncture should leave Somalis to their own devices. And more so when Kenya’s parlaiment has adopted a motion to deal with Somalia militarily in the event that IJC gives positive verdict to Somalia.

Under these circumistances, the UN and IGAD will be committing international crimes against the Somali nation, if they approve any international instruments that subordinates Somalia to Kenya. It is a crime and any human loss will be the responsibility of the UN and IGAD member states.

Which brings me to the only way out. President Farmajo must find a way to accommodate Kismanyo and Ahmed Islam for their conflict is a local issue. President Farmajo should fight only smart fights. He has to let the JUBBALAND process proceed, make amends with Ahmed Islan and form a national front to protect the integrity of the nation.

The war against Kenya will not be won by jets and French-made supersonic planes. It will be fought and won with the united brave hearts of the Somali people. In that spirit, a Farmajo-Madobe summit is a National priority. Not doing that is handing a victory to ousiders.

Delay is death and now is time to act!

Faisal Roble