Speech of the Mayor “For the last two months, day and night, the police did security operations..”

Deputy Prime Minister, Members of Cabinet, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors, Heads of development agencies, UN Agencies, Distinguished co-chairs, Distinguished guests, Chairperson of the Independent Election Commitee, ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to echo with the statement of the DPM to hugely thank DFID and in particular Phil Evans for his great leadership role on SDRF and we wish him all the best. I would also like to welcome the USAID Mission Director Jeffrey Bakken for taking the seat of co-chair of SDRF. BRA welcomes you and I would like to give you my assurances that we will assist you in anyway we can as SDRF is very important to the recovery of our nation.

I would also like to welcome the new Chief of UNDP Somalia Mr Jocelyn Mason, whom I had an opportunity to meet and discussed strengthening our partnership working.

Thank you for this opportunity to bring you Benadir Regional Administration (BRA) update. As you are all aware Mogadishu is the second fastest urbanization and it faces very unique challenges compared to other capitals around the globe. However, I am determined and committed to overcome all these challenges as our people are resilient and we hope to change those challenges into opportunities.


I am very pleased to report to you, that Mogadishu security plan is working very well, especially in the last few months. In February and March, we saw an increase of terror attacks. To counter this, we established excellent partnership working with the police force, and we have made the following implementations:

Identified key checkpoints in our security plan and ensured that they are manned day and night, by 1,000 soldiers, and in total they are 3,000 strong working in all 17 districts. I would like to highlight that it is the 1st time we have police presence in 72 neighborhood community centers.

These checkpoints search every vehicle and ensure that they are not VBIED, IEDs on board and illegal weapons.

Implementation of neighborhood watch schemes, where security and citizens patrol together each and every neighborhood,

For the last two months, day and night, the police did security operations. Coupled with that, we have put in place mobile security forces that are doing “stop and search” of vehicles and people.

We have established a sub-committee that evaluates and monitors all checkpoints, and that go to all the sites in the city to ensure things are fulfilled as agreed and planned as part of the Mogadishu Security Plan.

For the last 3 weeks, on a daily basis, I chaired the security meetings between the security institutions and our administration, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Security and the Office of the PM. We discuss the findings of the evaluation and monitoring and share their analysis at the meeting.

I remain committed to the continuation of our collective efforts, as to not lose the recent progress made in the city. I’d like to stress that despite our best efforts, we still have enormous challenges that we need to overcome, such as lack of resources that is preventing us in the implementation of Mogadishu security plan that has been proven to work in the last few months. I would like to implore the donors to play an important role, and hope they can put aside specific budget for this plan, which is very important for the overall peace and security of the country (logistics- ammunition, vehicles, running cost etc)

We have established a Hotline number, where the community are given an opportunity to report suspicious activities (10 AS arrested from these tips)

In order to continue to the implementation Phase 2 planning is underway, to increase the parameters up to the Industrial Road- as well as to the outskirts of Mogadishu, moving beyond the inner city.

We have embarked on more community engagement and public awareness, during Ramadan, as I partook in the round checks of all districts, including Bakara Market.

Durable Solutions
As part of BRA Dsanitation/Hygiene in the city
We finished first phase of Municipal employee biometric data to improve accountability as well as capacity development
We have started to review and streamline the municipal Financial management policy and manual in line with the BRA FMIS which is key policy for the Financial control, transparency and integrity

We are in the process to finalizing the Benadir Development Plan, that went through series consultation with key stakeholders and yesterday we held one of these consultation where representatives from ministries of the FGS were present. BDP is inline with the National Development Plan. It sets out our key priorities- that consists of 6 key thematic areas:

Security, Economic development, social services, effective and efficient institutions, environment and so forth.

With the support of EU we now have established two Emergency Response Centres in Hodon and Wadajir, these centers are fully equipped with firefighters and equipment, ambulances and the goal is to establish them in all 17 districts provided that we get the necessary funding.

With the support of USAID TIS+ a new laboratory building is underway for building materials – which will greatly help us.

Finally, in order to overcome our unique challenges in the capital city of Mogadishu such as finding durable solutions of our Internally Displaced People (IDPs), job creation for our youths, security and infrastructure development we would like to assure you our commitment and determination and we would our international partners and donors to also focus on the development of Mogadishu. We aim to continue engaging with our communities as we believe it is vital for our people to be empowered to take part the development of their capital city. Mogadishu’s development is the development of the country.