Is Kenya becoming unsafe for Somalis?

Angela Davis wrote a tiny but telling book about the FBI’s impacting arrests of Black Pantar Party memebrs in 1972.

While she was confined in the Solided Prison in Los Angeles, California, she foretold that if they come and get your brothers and sisters today, you will be next. And so they were next.

The illegal detention of Professor Ibrahim Bursalid by Kenya’s security forces is a form of terrorism and intimidation of Somali inteligentia.

Who is Ibrahim Bursalid? He is a serious and intelligent Somali political analyst who has been teaching politics and international relations at one of Kenya’s universities. Bursalid has been living in Kenya for a long time.

I met Bursalid in Djibouti last December. I can authoritatively say this: he is an unwavering Somali patriot and an honest Somali who cares less about materials and more about the welbeing of his country.

As a matter of fact, when many Somali were smooching with dignitaries from Mogadishu while in private criticizing, Bursalid was one of a handful scholars I found to not give a damn about power and the superficiality that was common at the Djibouti held HERITAGE conference.

To many, Bursalid was radical; to me he was a less nuanced but brutally honest Somali scholar.

The arrest of Professor Bursalid came on the heels of a growing exedus of Somalis out of Djibouti.

On Tuesday, the day of Eid, a former Somali parliamentarian called me from Istanbul. I met this man in Nairobi this past April. He was quick to let me know that he moved his family from Nairobi because of what he perceived as a growing harassment against Somalis.

Another friend called me from Addis and told me the same thing. This is a growing trend that Kenya is becoming less safe to Somalis.

The arrest of Professor Ibrahim Bursalid is very troublesome. We need to be viggilent and be ready for a campaign to free him and also safeguard the welfare of those living there.

Free our brother Bursalid!!

Faisal Roble